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Keep It REAL Coaching Tips

Are you surrounded by sugar pushers?

POSTED: November 6, 2018
We want to share... eye-opening article that caught our attention this week. It was written by Yoni Freedhoff, a Canadian doctor, who discusses how overconsumption of sugar has become a ...

November Superfood of the Month: Cranberries

POSTED: October 30, 2018
As November rolls around, we can't help but start thinking about the holidays. And, there is a fruit that seems to go hand-in-hand with the holidays (believe it or not, 20% of annual consumption ...

What do you tell people you are doing?

POSTED: October 23, 2018
How many times have you heard this? "I'm doing paleo." "I'm doing the keto diet." "I'm doing Whole 30." "I'm doing weight watchers." Maybe you or someone in your family has even said this at some ...

The Real Reason You Should Eat Avocado Toast

POSTED: October 16, 2018
It's ridiculously simple. It requires no recipe. It can be one of life’s simplest pleasures. And, it's ideal for breakfast, lunch, a mid-afternoon snack or any time of the day. If you haven't ...

Does Your Pumpkin Spice Come From the Farm or the Factory?

POSTED: October 9, 2018
Does the thought of "pumpkin spice season" have you feeling like a kid on Christmas morning?   It used to start making an appearance with the beginning of cooler temperatures and the first ...

October Superfood of the Month: Figs

POSTED: October 2, 2018
What comes to mind when you think of figs? The classic Fig Newton cookie?  Or, one of the many Bible stories that talk about fig trees?  What about a favorite recipe using fresh or dried figs? ...

Buying Salt Shouldn’t Require a Chemistry Degree

POSTED: September 25, 2018
Have you stood in the salt aisle at the store and felt dazed and confused?   There was a time when there were two options:  iodized table salt or sea salt. Now, there is an array of salts ...

Inspiring Stories From Our Members

POSTED: September 18, 2018
One of our favorite and most fulfilling aspects of Eat REAL America is the inspiration we receive from our members!   Over the past few weeks, we have heard many inspiring and motivating ...

If Rice Could Talk

POSTED: September 11, 2018
As we know all too well by now, there is mass confusion when it comes to food. And rice is no exception. One day you hear that brown rice is always better than white rice.  But, the next day you ...

Are You Neophobic?

POSTED: September 4, 2018
What are you afraid of? Maybe it's arachnophobia (the fear of spiders) or a fierce case of ophidiophobia (a fear of snakes), but there's another common phobia that we don’t hear much about, but ...