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Keep It REAL Coaching Tips

Catching Up with Santa in the UP!

POSTED: December 19, 2023
Holiday magic?! We have been blessed the last few years to have the opportunity to chat with Santa and catch up on all that he and Mrs. Claus - and the elves and reindeer of course - have been up ...

Ditch the Packet with This 4-Ingredient REAL Hot Chocolate!

POSTED: December 12, 2023
The holidays are here and winter is right around the corner... have you started craving a warm cozy cup of hot cocoa? Whether it was your own childhood or a special treat for your kids, how many ...

Celebrating a Milestone Birthday!

POSTED: December 5, 2023
Can you imagine missing your child's birthday? With the daily hustle and bustle, you get so busy trying to keep all the balls in the air...and you suddenly realize your precious baby's birthday ...

How to Dodge Diabetes Deliciously!

POSTED: November 28, 2023
Have you or someone you love just been told… “You have prediabetes" (or "you have diabetes")? Unfortunately, this is currently happening at an alarming rate, and we have had numerous recent ...

We Want to Donate $100 to Your Favorite Charity!

POSTED: November 21, 2023
Each and every day, you all inspire us, and we are so thankful for all of you! We love hearing all your stories about the changes you are making and how your own REAL food journeys are changing ...

The Sides Can Steal the Show!

POSTED: November 14, 2023
Have you started your Thanksgiving menu planning?   If so, have you given any thought to how colorful your holiday table will be this year?   Last week during a cooking demo I was ...

40 Bursts of Inspiration for Your REAL Food Journey!

POSTED: November 7, 2023
Do you have sayings or quotes that help you navigate different areas of your life?   We definitely do!     For example, my husband is always reminding our kids, "You can't get hit ...

Welcome to Sweet Treat Season!

POSTED: October 31, 2023
Happy Halloween! We hope you all have a safe and fun Halloween adventure this evening, whether it is taking the kids or grandkids trick-or-treating, or staying home and passing out treats and ...

A Guide to Winter Squash

POSTED: October 24, 2023
"You mean my fall porch decorations?!  I would have no idea how to cook with them!"  Is this you or someone you know?  If so, you're not alone - we hear this all the time!   Now is the time ...

Living it UP in the UP!

POSTED: October 17, 2023
We recently took a trip to the Upper Peninsula (the "UP") of Michigan, where we learned what it meant to be a Yooper! This is what residents of the UP call themselves (derived from "UP-ers"). ...