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Hard to Put Into Words…

Over the past five years, Eat REAL America has given us so much to be thankful for.

Most of all, we are so thankful for ALL OF YOU!

The stories you share every single day about how REAL food has improved your lives is truly an inspiration to us.

These stories keep us motivated and encouraged to continually find new ways to serve you and so many others who can benefit from a lifestyle based on REAL food!

Of course, we are also thankful for the REAL food that has been created for us...

The plants that grow from the ground.

The fruits that grow from the trees.

The animals that graze on the prairies.

The fish that swim in the rivers and oceans.

Hopefully, these foods will be bountiful on your table this Thanksgiving, which is the perfect time to thank God for the amazing gift of REAL food!  These foods nourish and empower our bodies.  They bring us together around the table with family and friends.  The flavors bring smiles to our faces.  They support a sustainable environment...a priceless gift to provide future generations.  They help provide a living for farmers, producers, and others who work so hard to plant, grow and harvest these foods so we can enjoy them each and every day.

There is no way we can specifically thank everyone, or you would be reading this for hours!

Here are just some of the people we are truly thankful for:


  • Everyone who made the Eat REAL Cookbook a reality this took 3 years, but it was worth the wait and so many people contributed to tasting, testing, editing, designing, shooting, publishing and so much more!


  • All the farmers, producers and others who work so hard to plant, grow and harvest all the REAL foods so we can enjoy them each and every day.  These people are the REAL heroes!


  • Our cheerleaders!  There are plenty of ups and downs owning a business and advancing a mission.  There are so many people that help make the peaks higher and the valleys narrower...Chef Paul, Melissa, Kid Power, Jessica, Bruce, Shelley, Matt, Gail, Leigh Ann, Mark, Mary...this list could go on for pages!


  • All of the companies who have integrated Eat REAL America into their wellness programs...and all the employees who so enthusiastically participate and share their stories and experiences!



  • Dr. David Katz for spreading the message that we can eliminate close to 80% of chronic disease simply through lifestyle, helping people have "more years in life and life in years."  This lifestyle, of course, includes wholesome foods in sensible combinations.


  • All of the people who are working tirelessly to take back our food system and make REAL food the "go-to" option.



Thank you all for putting your trust in Eat REAL America!

Thank you for being willing to try new things, for the amazing photos of your creations, for all the stories and feedback you share, and for supporting your local farmers and producers!

Keep it coming!

Please continue to share your feedback so we can make Eat REAL America even more valuable for you and others!


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6 Responses to Hard to Put Into Words…

  1. Thank you for all you dedication to eating right and bringing it to others and inspiring all of us to be a little more conscious of what we are eating!! True food is what it’s all about!!

  2. Yes, I am also thankful for Zonya and Krista and your team that also supports us, Amy comes to mind but I am sure many others that I don’t know contribute as well. I am thankful that I had the pleasure to meet Zonya so many years ago at National Wellness and learn about Diet Free and now Eat Real, this is such a great program…….MANY THANKS TO ALL OF YOU!!

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