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What is REAL food?

Natural.  Grows from the ground.  Grows from a tree.  Grazes on the prairie or swims in the ocean.  Not made in a factory.  Anything that once had a mother.  Basically, REAL food is food that is alive, and will eventually rot or “go bad.”

“Fake” food, on the other hand, has been processed to extend its shelf life or to market to a particular set of customers (who do you think Tony the Tiger is talking to?).  In these “fake” foods, or food imposters, a lot of preservatives are added and beneficial nutrients are removed.  Then, through further processing, manufactured nutrients may be added back in for marketing purposes.  It’s sad but true -- food companies have to add a lot to these food imposters to make them shelf-stable, taste good and look like food.  Yes, they have to make fake foods look like food -- appetizing, right?!

We have read that 70% of food at the supermarket isn’t really food, they are food imposters.  Our bodies are amazing things and are very adaptable.  But they were designed for, and function best on, REAL food.  With so many conflicting studies and information, it is very confusing to determine what foods are good for us and what are not.  One thing is clear…REAL food is one of the best ways to get our bodies to perform at their best and to prevent illnesses such as heart disease, diabetes, weight gain, cancer, depression, and others.

Believe it or not, REAL food is not just boring fruits, vegetables, and sprouts!  REAL food includes a huge universe of fruits, vegetables, dairy, eggs, cheese, whole grain breads and pastas, meats (beef, chicken, lamb, pork, poultry, venison, even bacon on occasion), seafood, nuts, seeds, popcorn, sweeteners (honey and maple syrup), and the list goes on and on.  With these foods, the meals we can prepare are limitless – including pizza, burgers, fall-of-the-bone chicken and pork, sandwiches, a wide variety of ethnic meals, and again, the list goes on.  REAL food can be simply prepared in ways that taste great.  After thriving with REAL food, some people reach a point where they wonder how they ever survived with the food imposters!

It seems so easy…just eat REAL food.  But it can actually be quite challenging with all of the choices out there.  Processed foods are convenient:  frozen dinners, frozen pizzas, chicken nuggets and yogurt in a tube, to name a few.  And, then there’s the convenience of drive thru.  We know these foods are easy, but they require us to sacrifice great taste and our health.

We will admit, it takes some time, planning and commitment to eat REAL food.  I started Eat REAL America to help you with the time and planning part.  If I do that, then maybe the commitment part will be easier.  Keep in mind, I am not a chef or nutritionist...I am a wife, mom and REAL food champion...which is why we are working together with Zonya Foco, America's Nutrition Leader, to help families all across America - to enjoy good food and live a long, healthy life!

We would love to hear your thoughts, ideas and feedback as we all enjoy our journey to Eat REAL!



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6 Responses to What is REAL food?

  1. Just starting and looking forward to eating more Real Food! My husband and I work 2nd shift and cook what’s easiest sometimes, so going to try and slow cook and plan ahead to make better meals.

  2. You are correct in saying “It seems so easy…just Eat Real food but it can be challenging. There are so many quick and easy choices is the supermarket. Personally over the last year I have made a drastic change in how I shop and I am amazed at how much processed foods I was eating and not really even thinking about it. Side note-I have also notice how I have cut down on the amount of garbage I am producing as I don’t have boxes to throw out. In additional to eating better, I am reducing my foot print on the environment. Win win for everyone!

    • Thank you so much for sharing! It is so true…we get in such a habit of buying the same foods at the store because “we always have” and then when you really start paying attention, it is eye-opening! So proud of you and your success – thank you!

  3. I know I have to change up our eating. I am anxious to learn from you. I love the sentence you wrote, “Keep in mind, I am not a chef or nutritionist…I am a wife, mom and REAL food champion.” That inspires me. I heard Zonya talk at a work convention that I attended with my husband. She was amazing! She had so much energy. That was several years ago so I guess I am a slow learner.

  4. I would just like to say. Thanks for all this useful information. I keep adding it to my Real Food journey. It’s been amazing I have added so many new real foods to my household and excited to continue.

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