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Nine Ways to Use This Versatile Kitchen Tool

Before we get into this week's coaching tip, we want to thank you for all your great feedback on the cookbook!

And, the great news -- it's now at the printer!

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If you are anything like us, there are always occasions popping up when you need a gift idea, so....



If you order a cookbook before April 30th, you will receive $4 off, plus a free 3-month Eat REAL America membership...which would make a great gift (including for Mother's Day)!

The cookbooks will ship by May 5th, in plenty of time for Mother's Day on May 13th!  Note, we have further discounts the more copies you buy, and a free 3-month Eat REAL America membership with every book.

Again, thank you, thank you, thank you!


Speaking of gift ideas, for our weekly coaching tip, we want to highlight the MANY uses of one of our favorite kitchen gadgets:

the microplane zester.

We absolutely love this multi-functional tool and now we can't imagine what we did before we discovered it!


So, what is a microplane zester?

A microplane zester looks like something you would find in a woodworking shop, which makes sense because that's where the idea originated.

It's made of steel and has super-sharp blades, allowing you to zest and grate a variety of foods -- that add amazing flavors and textures to your meals!



What's so great about a microplane zester?

Not only is it easy to use, but it holds the zested ingredient inside the zester until you are ready to add it to your recipe.  It also grates in a perfectly fine consistency, which can add just the right amount of flavor to your meals.


How does it work?

We think the microplane zester works best if you move the zester back and forth on the ingredient, instead of moving the ingredient back and forth on the zester.

For example, if you are right-handed, hold an orange in your left hand, zester in your right hand, and zest the orange by moving the zester back and forth on the peel of the orange, turning the orange in your left hand as you go to get all of the peel, avoiding the white pith just under the peel.



How can you use a microplane zester?

Here are just a few ideas:






  • Cheese - kick your cheese grater to the curb!  Once you grate parmesan cheese (or other hard cheeses) with a microplane zester, you may never go back!  Try it for the Pesto Baked Wings or Massaged Kale Salad!



  • Spices - add a sprinkle of cinnamon or nutmeg to Hot Cocoa or your favorite latte!







How do you clean a microplane zester?

The best way to clean your microplane zester is to rinse it right after using it.

You can then use a sponge or brush, running it in the same direction as the blades (to avoid destroying your sponge).

Most microplane zesters can also go in the dishwasher, but if you find yourself with dried on parmesan cheese or orange zest, you can soak it horizontally in a casserole dish for as long as needed.




Microplane zesters are inexpensive and ideal to have on hand in your kitchen -- consider giving one as a gift and educate your family and friends!  You will all be asking, "what did we do before this great gadget?!"


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