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What if Your Gift Had the Power to do THIS?

What if you could change someone's life this Christmas?

As you are turning your attention towards Thanksgiving, are you also starting to anticipate holiday gift giving?!


Whether you are looking for a great gift for family, friends, employees, or you are looking to fill out your own wish list...what about giving the gift of good health?!

What if you could hear your loved ones telling you things like "this is truly life-changing, I am eating foods I never knew I liked, and am in the best health I've ever been!"

Eat REAL Cookbook!

We are so humbled by all the messages about how life-changing the Eat REAL Cookbook has been for so many people.


"My BFF gave me this book and what a gift it is!  I have the pickiest kids in the world...look at them gobbling this "healthy" stuff down!"     

- Jenn from Findlay, OH

(Jake, age 20, and Isaac, age 17, enjoying the Cheeseburger Quesadillas and Peanut Butter Power Balls!)






"We have made so many hit recipes out of this book including the Chicken Enchilada Soup, Easy Peasy Cheeseburger Macaroni, Southwest Stuffed Sweet Potato and Baked Fish Parmesan.  My teenage daughters really appreciate the taste, but also the positive fuel it gives them for sports.  Here they are enjoying making and eating the Chocolate Chia Energy Bites.  The best part, I gave this book as a gift to my BFF Jenn, and that got her boys hooked too!"   

-Happy Mom, Cary Seager, OH

(Corinne, age 13, and sister Colette, age 16, are masters at making the Chocolate Chia Energy Bites!)



And, check out how the Eat REAL Cookbook could be the perfect gift for your employees or customers!

"I just wanted to let you know how life changing the cookbook has been for me.  In April, after seeing an Eat REAL presentation, my husband's company gave everyone cookbooks.  I actually read the cookbook front to back and made every single recipe.  There were very few we did not like.  I now eat mushrooms & beans after hating them my whole life.  My nutrition is the best it's ever been.  I recently had a physical and I'm in the best health of my life.  This was the best thing to happen to my health (and my husband and kids) and I just wanted to say THANK YOU :)"  

- Jaime C., Pennsylvania


And, there's more!

What if you could give or receive our life-changing Eat REAL For Your Health program?  That includes not only the cookbook, but also 8 core instructional videos, Fridge Combo Set and membership -- it's a full year of 24/7 inspiration!


"I started Zonya's and Krista's Eat REAL For Your Health Program 11 months ago.  This has been instrumental in helping me lose 90 pounds, and drop my cholesterol 60 points.  My friends, eating REAL is FOR REAL!  And I think every family would benefit from this program.  If I can do it, so can you!!"

-Tammy Houser, age 49, Hudson, MI







"I began the Eat REAL for Your Health Program 11 months ago.  The directive was simple.  End your sugar cravings by getting the natural sugars and trace nutrients you need from REAL food.  Dive into trying new things.  Learn to not just like but LOVE REAL superfoods like butternut squash, avocado, sweet potatoes, mushrooms, and my favorite, Peanut Butter Power Balls.  So many new REAL foods and flavor combinations.  Yes, I stand before you now 70 glorious pounds lighter!  You will gain health and lose unwanted weight...I highly recommend this program!" 

-CJ Bauschka, age 61, Adrian, MI


How did they do it?

Tammy and CJ both strategically increased their kitchen confidence and nutrition know-how with our one-of-a-kind master class bundle of 8 Eat REAL For Your Health video modules, twice-weekly support emails and over 1,000 delicious recipes with meal planning and shopping tools (through a website membership, cookbook meal plans and fridge combo set).  What am AMAZING gift to give or receive this Christmas!

Watch this video which shows you core video highlights!   (And, review all the modules content descriptions here.)



So, you choose how to give the gift of good health...the cookbook or the whole (healthy) enchilada!   Either way, starting TODAY, through December 31st, SAVE 10% on our Eat REAL Cookbook 28-Day Kickstart or Eat REAL For Your Health Program!

Simply enter the coupon code TAKETENOFF when ordering, and you can save EVEN MORE when ordering bulk quantities!

We hope you will consider giving these dynamic gifts to anyone you know who wants (or needs) to improve their health, enjoy delicious food and experience game-changing results!


Whose life can you change this holiday season?!


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