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Kentucky Restaurants

Branch Out (Paducah, KY)


713 Kentucky Ave.; (270) 443-7028

We found this restaurant when searching for the "best food" in Paducah.  We had lunch on our drive back from Nashville and loved it!  It is owned by a husband and wife, who saw the options were lacking for those looking to eat plant-based.  They started at a local farmers' market, and then moved into their current location in 2019.  We had a "Build a Salad" (with fresh ingredients like mixed greens, pickled cabbage, daikon, cucumbers, fresh herbs and a house-made vinaigrette), a Banh Mi Bowl (with spicy sriracha sausage, pickled onions, sprouts, cucumbers, jalapeno, pickled daikon and carrots and a mix of fresh herbs), and the Quinoa Nachos (topped with cashew cheese, pico de gallo and guac).  All these dishes had great flavors and textures and fresh-tasting ingredients.

We enjoyed our meal on their outdoor patio and met a super-nice gentleman driving from Florida to St. Louis to visit his grandchildren.  He said he and his wife always stop at Branch Out for lunch because he loves the flavor and quality of the food.  We shared our REAL food journeys, and it turns out he lost over 50 pounds after changing his eating habits and embracing a REAL food lifestyle.  What are the odds?

A really enjoyable meal with some great company.  The best meal of our trip!


Freight House (Paducah, KY)


330 s 3rd st #102; (270) 908-0006

Eat REAL America member comment:  A local treat is the Freight House along the Riverfront in Paducah, KY.  I had the Seeded Cauliflower dumplins my last visit...Brussels sprouts, brown butter, green grapes and capers.  This is a farm to table that serves local, in-season and fresh!

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