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Keep It REAL Coaching Tips

Make Your Own Coffee Creamer

POSTED: September 26, 2023
Do you love coffee? Do you love a little creamer in your coffee? If so, I am right there with you! Before our REAL food journey, I had a tendency to go a little overboard with the sugar or ...

How Are You Training Your Muscles?

POSTED: September 19, 2023
Do you ever have things happen that leave you thinking...   "was that a coincidence?!"   This happens to us quite often, especially if we are paying attention! Over the past couple of weeks, ...

Spaghetti Squash Season!

POSTED: September 12, 2023
I still remember our first encounter with spaghetti squash... we were at the farmers’ market, feeling pretty adventurous so we decided to buy one. It was more out of curiosity whether it would ...

What Really Matters!

POSTED: September 5, 2023
It had been almost 4 years since Zonya and I had been together in-person.   A couple of weeks ago, I was blessed to spend a weekend in Michigan with my nutritionist partner in crime, Zonya ...

If Rice Could Talk

POSTED: August 29, 2023
As we know all too well by now, there is mass confusion when it comes to food. And rice is no exception.   One day you hear that brown rice is always better than white rice.  The next day ...

Let’s Talk Health AND Wealth!

POSTED: August 22, 2023
Have you ever thought about how the same concepts that help you achieve good health can also help you achieve financial well-being?   Our daughter graduates from college this December and ...

Is the Back-to-School Routine Stressing You Out?

POSTED: August 15, 2023
How is it possible that school is starting up again already? In our area, most children are headed back this week, and some even started last week. If you have kids or grandkids headed back to ...

Don’t Let This Opportunity Pass You By!

POSTED: August 8, 2023
What is one of the biggest benefits to “eating with the seasons?”   It's the anticipation of those flavorful and nutritious foods coming into season each year!   You start thinking ...

10 Meals for Under $10!

POSTED: August 1, 2023
"Eating healthy is just so expensive."   We hear this all the time.   Reality check...Eating healthy doesn't have to be expensive! It's TRUE!  And, as proof, check out these 10 ...

Food As Medicine?!

POSTED: July 25, 2023
What comes to mind when you think of hospital food?   Many of us may think "bland," "boring," and "colorless."     These descriptions can typically be spot on because you always ...