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Keep It REAL Coaching Tips

Let’s Talk Meat!

POSTED: February 11, 2020
When did meat become so confusing?   Is it healthy or will it take years off your life?   What about all the new "plant-based" do they compare to the REAL thing?   We ...

On the Cutting Edge

POSTED: February 4, 2020
When we started cooking more frequently, one of our first lessons was... knives.   "You only need one," says Mark Bittman, NY Times cooking advice columnist.  We now agree with Mark that all ...

Why you don’t want aunts in the pantry

POSTED: January 28, 2020
Have you ever heard of "food imposters?"   They are substances pretending to be food...   and there are many food imposters lurking out there!   One of the most blatant ...

Delicious AND Nutritious!

POSTED: January 21, 2020
Sound, sight, touch, smell and taste... we all know the five senses.   Which are the most important when it comes to food?       Of course, smell...and especially taste! We ...

Breakfast of Champions?

POSTED: January 14, 2020
As we have mentioned before, some of the food rules we love by Michael Pollan are: “Buy items with fewer than 5 ingredients,”   “Don’t eat anything that your great-grandmother wouldn’t ...

A Sweet Makeover of a Savory Favorite

POSTED: January 7, 2020
We all know hummus is famous as that pre-dinner snack or appetizer that's the ideal dip for pitas and veggies, right? But have you ever considered hummus to be an after-dinner sweet treat? And, ...

What is your One Thing?

POSTED: December 31, 2019
“I’ve been on a diet for two weeks, and all I’ve lost is 14 days.” -Totie Fields Does this sound familiar? As 2020 arrives at midnight tonight, millions of people will start their new routines – ...

Exclusive Interview with Santa

POSTED: December 24, 2019
As you can imagine, Santa has been super-busy with final preparations for his around-the-world trip that is now underway! Just before he left, he took a few minutes to talk to us about a variety ...

Willpower May Not Be Enough!

POSTED: December 17, 2019
In case you missed it, in our coaching tip two weeks ago, we announced that we are donating $2,500 to your favorite charitable organizations!  We still have room for more!   Please hurry over to ...

Ever Wondered How Much a “Smidgen” Is?

POSTED: December 10, 2019
What really is the difference between chopped, diced, and minced?   And, how much is a "dash?"   Where is the cooking terminology instruction manual?!   Some “fancy” cooking terms ...