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Keep It REAL Coaching Tips

We Are Truly Grateful: Help Us Donate $2,500 to Your Favorite Charities!

POSTED: November 24, 2020
As we prepare for Thanksgiving this week, we keep reflecting on how thankful we are for ALL OF YOU!  You continue to be so generous with your stories, support and encouragement... we want to pass ...

From healthy to white fluffy pancakes?!

POSTED: November 17, 2020
An Eat REAL America member recently shared a message that we think many of you may relate to...   we certainly did!   This husband and wife, who are thriving in their REAL food journey, ...

What happens when you cut out processed foods?

POSTED: November 10, 2020
Are processed foods really that bad for us?   And, what is considered a "processed food?" We recently participated in a webinar hosted by an organization called Diet ID, where some industry ...

Is there a difference between cocoa and cacao?

POSTED: November 3, 2020
Are cocoa and cacao the same thing?   And should you believe those headlines about losing weight by eating chocolate? So, what's the deal?  We want to help you sort through the confusion. ...

It’s Not You, It’s Our Environment…

POSTED: October 27, 2020
Let’s face it, we are social beings and are highly influenced by what is around us. And there is no denying is all around us…it is absolutely everywhere!  Food is a part of everything ...

Read This Before You Open Your Next Can of Soup!

POSTED: October 20, 2020
Especially this time of year, as the cooler weather sets in, we get the question: "what do you think of canned it ok to use recipes that include canned soups like cream of mushroom?” ...

Is it possible to transform this popular breakfast staple?

POSTED: October 13, 2020
We were recently presented with a challenge...   DONUTS, made with REAL ingredients! They needed to be delicious enough to satisfy a sweet tooth, yet healthy enough to enjoy without feeling ...

Emergency Substitutions: Part 2

POSTED: October 6, 2020
Why does this always happen?! Does this sound familiar…you have your list (check), you go to the store (check), you get home and start preparing dinner (check), and then everything comes to a ...

Does Your Pumpkin Spice Come From the Farm or the Factory?

POSTED: September 29, 2020
With just a couple of days until the start of October, "pumpkin spice season" is well under way!   It used to start making its appearance with the beginning of cooler temperatures and the ...

Emergency Substitutions: Part 1

POSTED: September 22, 2020
Does this sound familiar? After a long crazy day, you are feeling pretty good about the plan for dinner.  Sure, you only have a 30 minute window, but no problem, you’ve been to the store, have ...