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Keep It REAL Coaching Tips

WARNING: Don’t Eat Cherry Tomatoes!

POSTED: August 14, 2018
Believe it or not, this is real advice from some real "nutrition coaches!"   The first time I heard this was last year when I was talking to an Eat REAL America member.  She was telling me ...

Another Example of Why Reading The Ingredients is So Important

POSTED: August 7, 2018
It still amazes us how often we run across foods that are NOT what they appear to be. In this week’s coaching tip, we are going to pick on enchilada sounds so simple, right?  You may ...

August Superfood of the Month: Swiss Chard

POSTED: July 31, 2018
People know it's healthy. Many people probably know how to spot it at the store or farmers' market. But, many people we talk to say, "I just don't know what to do with it!"   Which is why ...

Another Under-Appreciated Kitchen Tool…

POSTED: July 24, 2018
In the past, we have shared some of our favorite kitchen gadgets, and there is another kitchen tool that is close to our hearts... ...the immersion blender!   Someone recently told us, "I ...

Is Eating Healthy Really More Expensive?

POSTED: July 17, 2018
“Eating healthy is too expensive." "And it takes too much time." We hear this a lot. Many perceive that it's too expensive (or too time-consuming) to eat REAL food – or eat healthy. Recently, ...

Why the Rolling Stones May Be To Blame for Your Unhealthy Eating

POSTED: July 10, 2018
Picture it...'re in a restaurant, "Jumpin' Jack Flash" is rockin' in the background, and you're looking over the menu deciding what to order. Suddenly, you're craving a juicy BBQ bacon ...

Don’t Believe Every Thing You Think

POSTED: July 3, 2018
Picky eaters. We all know one…maybe we are one…or we once were. Almost every single day, we hear “I don’t like _________.”  You can fill in the blank with all kinds of things such as onions, ...

July Superfood of the Month: Tomatoes

POSTED: June 26, 2018
We all know that “explode in your mouth” sweetness that comes from a perfectly ripe, fresh-picked tomato.  In many parts of the country, freshy-harvested tomatoes are becoming abundantly ...

Do This to Stay Healthy All Summer Long!

POSTED: June 19, 2018
Summer is officially here! Well, it will be official this Thursday, June 21st! Here in the Midwest, the scorching temperatures and thick humidity have made it feel like summer for several weeks ...

The Original Non-Stick Skillet

POSTED: June 12, 2018
Do you own a cast iron skillet? If so, do you use it all the time or is it sitting lonely in one of your cabinets? Cast iron skillets can be extremely useful in the kitchen, but can also raise a ...