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Lee’s Inspiring Story!

Ready for some inspiration?

In our December coaching tip Celebrating a Milestone Birthday!, we talked about our goal to share more of YOUR success stories.

We are blessed to have seen first-hand over the past 10 years SO MANY people transform their lives with the power of REAL food.  When we tell these stories in cooking demos, we see how inspiring they can be, and we want to make sure the entire Eat REAL America community benefits from your successes (as well as our collective challenges, setbacks and learnings).

Today, we are so excited to share Lee's story.  Lee is a super-busy wife and mom, as well as the Assistant Principal and Activities Director for a school district just outside of Wichita, Kansas.  Despite all the demands on her time, she overcame a prediabetes diagnosis, took control of her health, and regained her health and energy.  In just six months, she lost 40 pounds, reversed her prediabetes, brought not only her cholesterol, but all of her numbers back to healthy levels, and had her doctor saying, "whatever you're doing, just keep doing it!" 

If that wasn't enough, she also experienced other remarkable changes!  Her heartburn (that she struggled with for years) was completely gone within two weeks and her IBS (irritable bowel syndrome, which she feels like she struggled with forever!) was also gone within a month!

In this video, she shares how she went from feeling hopelessly frustrated to feeling amazing!



We think you will enjoy watching the entire video, or feel free to jump to specific highlights:


  • How it started (0:13)
  • Lee's initial response to being told she was prediabetic (0:50)
  • Feeling frustrated (1:42)
  • Her doctor's advice (2:10)
  • The turning point (2:55)
  • Roasting vegetables is a game changer (3:30)
  • What kept her motivated (4:10)
  • Back to the doctor (4:48)
  • Feeling amazing! (5:45)
  • Lee's advice for others (6:00)
  • How Lee handles planning and making it a priority (7:00)
  • Dealing with temptations (7:40)


Thank you, Lee, for your inspiring story!

We know sharing personal details is not always easy, but Lee didn't hesitate, knowing that she might be able to help and inspire even just one other person.


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Do you have a success story that could help inspire someone else?

We would love to hear from you!

Please let us know if you would be willing to share your story!


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