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Let’s Celebrate!

Happy Fourth of July!

Happy Birthday America!

As we celebrate America, our freedom, and everything that goes with it, we thought this would also be the perfect day to celebrate the success of a few Eat REAL America members!



Let’s start with Jan…

Just last week, her world got a frightening reality check...her husband had a heart attack.  But, thankfully, he had surgery and is now back home.  This reinforced to Jan how important healthy eating is.  She had already been losing weight by eating better, with REAL food as her guide, and actually, since February of 2016, she has lost 67 pounds, going from a size 18 to a size 6!   Exercise has been a challenge due to some knee issues.  “My energy has increased tremendously — I feel incredibly better and, in fact, my boss has taken my approach and how he is losing weight and inches too.”

The strategies Jan has been using are to cut back on what she eats, but has not completely cut out anything.  “When I have cut out things in the past, it only created a more intense desire to want that item even more.  So, if I chose to have a hamburger, pizza, ice cream or cake, I did and still do.  But what I have found is those things simply do not taste as good anymore and I have less of them.  Also, my husband and I have found that, when eating out, which is invariably part of life in today’s world, we try whenever possible, to share a meal.  This has helped a lot - financially too - and my appetite has decreased.”

“My husband says he sees a difference in my confidence level and I’ve returned to being more self-assured about who I am.  Wearing shorts for the first time this summer feels so good!  Now, we are starting to add exercise into the routine due to his heart attack and we are looking forward to entering our mid-50s with a smile.”

Way to go, Jan!

Jan’s story is truly inspirational.  It's also an example of how a series of small steps can lead to big changes.


And then there is LaRae...

She thought she hated tomatoes, but this perception changed when she started enjoying them in meals like the Summer Farro Salad.  By trying new things (or trying the same things in different ways), she has discovered so many REAL foods she now likes.  “I discovered that I like turnips, sweet potatoes, kohlrabi (I didn’t even know what that was!) and butternut squash.  It’s not that I was afraid to try these foods…I just didn’t know what to do with them because I was never exposed to them growing up.  But, now I love them all!”


Another habit-changing story came from Sonya...

she was so excited to share a change her family made recently.  They no longer buy iceberg lettuce!  “Ever since I found out what to do with kale, and tried the Massaged Kale Salad, we are no longer buying iceberg lettuce.  My mom, who said she didn’t like kale, has even been become a fan!”


Simple changes...

Mariah and her family are eating more healthfully and saving money in the process.  “We have started cooking more at home, focusing on REAL ingredients.  One night, I tossed together a simple stir-fry that included some chicken sausage links and a variety of vegetables, with some olive oil, salt and pepper.  My husband did the V8 head slap saying, ‘WOW! Why haven’t we been doing this before?!’”


And there are more recent stories to celebrate...


Blowing perceptions out of the water!  ”I didn't think I liked Brussels sprouts, but after trying the Brussels Sprouts Hash, I was hooked!  Now, my husband and I enjoy it for breakfast at least every other weekend!"

Roasting veggies!  ”My 3 year old really didn't like vegetables, and the ones she did eat, she had to dip them in mayonnaise...until we discovered how to roast vegetables -- that changed everything!  Now she loves all kinds of vegetables, she ate roasted asparagus just last night!"

Delicious and healthy snacking!  “Snacking has always been the hardest for me, because I have such a sweet tooth.  I am happy to say that I have lost 19 lbs in 6 months, by working out and eating healthier.  Healthy alternatives like the Chocolate Peanut Butter Avocado Pudding and Almond Butter Bites have helped satisfy my sweet tooth with REAL food."


Thank you to all of our Eat REAL America members!

You are truly an inspiration and keep us motivated to continue helping people all over our great country realize all the benefits of healthy REAL food!

We want to hear YOUR success story -- please share with us!


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  1. Inspiring indeed! Great testimonies! Thanks Eat Real America for being a positive influence for REAL food and for making a difference!
    Kid Power

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