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Let’s Veg Out – Our Virtual Tour of the Produce Section

How much time do you spend in the produce section of the grocery store?


If you are on a REAL food journey, you will likely (AND SHOULD!) spend well over half your time and money here.


There are a rainbow of colors and so many fantastic nutritious and delicious options in this part of the store!  Although, like other sections of the store, it can also be overwhelming and confusing.


We want to take you on a quick trip through the produce section in our latest addition to our grocery store tours:


In this video, we provide considerations, tips and guidance on topics like:


  • What about pre-washed and pre-chopped fruits and veggies?  Hint: they are convenient but cost quite a bit more than their whole counterparts.


  • What about those refrigerated salad dressings, prepared salsas and guacamoles?


  • Is it a good idea to buy the pre-packaged salad kits?


  • How do you know when to buy organic vs. non-organic options?


  • Is everything in the produce section healthy?


  • If you want to eat with the seasons, what are some things to be aware of at the store?  Hint: it may look like they are,  but watermelons are NOT in season in April!



There are a lot of confusing and conflicting messages on the topic of organic vs. non-organic.  And, if you're like others we have talked to, you may be wondering, "should I only eat organic?"  Stay tuned -- in our coaching tip NEXT week, we are going to shed more light on this.  In the meantime, if you are interested, here are links to the most recent Dirty Dozen and Clean 15 lists from the Environmental Working Group (EWG).


Zonya Says:

May you all never give up on the notion that you can advance your shopping skills to the point where you are buying enough produce so EACH family member is consuming 7-10 (fist-size) servings of produce every day, without any produce going bad before the end of the week.  Just like riding a bike, it may be a little rocky at first, but offering veggies and fruit at EVERY meal and snack, and learning to use the oldest produce first, you WILL get there!  It's all part of the bike riding experience!


Please share with us!

We appreciate your feedback on our virtual grocery store tours -- we want them to be as useful as possible for you and our entire community!

Also, please keep the ideas coming on the next section(s) of the store you would like us to visit!


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16 Responses to Let’s Veg Out – Our Virtual Tour of the Produce Section

  1. I really enjoy these videos–it’s the next best thing to taking you shopping with us! Thanks for all the helpful tips!

  2. Love these trips to the store. I have been grocery shopping for over 50 years and learn something every time I watch Krista! You Rock! Thanks!

  3. I really like these shopping videos with Krista.
    It helps learn new information about different produce and other items
    keep up the good work.

  4. YES! Thank you Krista for doing these awesome videos. I’ve been a dietitian/nutritionist for 34 years, and you never fail to teach me something. I love being your partner!

  5. pre-peeled garlic cloves. WHAT!!! I have never heard of these and would love to have them here. Great tips and always a good reminder as I teach my classes.

  6. Love this. Thank you! You talked about the dirty dozen. When you go to a farmer’s market for these items do you need to wash them differently? How do you know if they use pesticides? Should I just assume I should wash everything?

    • Thank you for asking! Typically you should assume that you should wash everything, but I wouldn’t say you need to wash them differently than other items, just wash thoroughly. And, definitely don’t hesitate to ask the farmers and producers how they grow their food, and whether they use pesticides. Stay tuned, Tuesday’s coaching tip is more about the Dirty Dozen, Clean 15 and organic!

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