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A Glimpse Into a Few Days With Zonya and Krista

What does an inspiring fun-filled 4 days look like when Zonya and I get together?

As you can imagine, there is NOT a lot of sitting around!

I recently spent a few days at Zonya's home base in Michigan and we hit the ground running!


Of course there was cooking...

The first night we made the White Bean Bruschetta and shot a video to share with our Eat REAL America members!  If you haven't made this recipe yet, it's worth trying soon!

Next, we were off to spend the day with a local company...


Zonya and I were blessed with the opportunity to return again this year to work with a company in Toledo, OH that hosts a monthly farmers' market for their employees and their families.

Their super-woman wellness leader (we call her "Gail the Great") has an amazing team that helps her put on this successful event and their employees have a great time.





Zonya and I demonstrated what to do with some of the available fresh in-season produce, including cantaloupe, tomatoes, cucumbers, sweet potatoes, bell peppers, onions, and fresh basil.

We prepared and sampled the Slow Cooker Balsamic Pork Tenderloin and Veggie Stuffed Sweet Potatoes, along with the Crunchy Coleslaw and Tomato Cantaloupe Salad.

Of course, we couldn't leave out we also provided Chocolate Bliss Breakfast Cookies that got rave reviews!


A huge shout-out goes to the company's food service chef team -- they helped make this a huge hit with the employees!

Check out our video we shot at the event!




A few of our favorite comments:


"Holy cow, this Tomato Cantaloupe Salad is freakin' amazing!"  

(Yes, someone actually said that!  It IS amazing what a simple combination of fresh, in-season ingredients can do!)



"I don't even like pork, but this is really good!"

"I would eat this coleslaw with anything!"

"I wasn't sure I would like these cookies because they are healthy, but they are really amazing!  Can I have another one?"  (From the mouth of a 12 year old!)


More to come!



We ended the week shooting some videos to enhance our Eat REAL For Your Health Master Class Program.

Plus, we have more videos to share with our Eat REAL America members, including a coaching tip on Bi Bim Bop...coming soon!






We were also able to squeeze in a little summertime fun in the sun...Zonya and her husband, Scott, even taught me how to water-ski!

They have access to the beautiful Sand Lake in Michigan and truly have a gift for teaching.  (This is proof that it's never too late to try new things and develop new skills!)





The most incredibly beneficial thing that happens every time Zonya and I get together is we find inspiration for ideas, goals and new visions for the future!

We are so excited to keep working to provide motivation, inspiration and life-changing support for our current Eat REAL America members, corporate clients and new ones to come!




Thank you to all of you who keep us energized and motivated!



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2 Responses to A Glimpse Into a Few Days With Zonya and Krista

  1. There were ALSO the two early morning fat-tire bike rides around Sand Lake, followed by nourishing jars of overnight oats enjoyed lakeside. and our boat picnic of cold lentil soup and yummy greek salad…but hey, we can only make these so long! Truly a great time!

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