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Thankful and Blessed

As Thanksgiving rapidly approaches, hopefully we will all take time to pause (at some point among the cooking and chaos), and think about all the blessings we are so thankful for...

for our family and friends, our health, the opportunities we are given to use our talents and abilities, and so much more.

At Eat REAL America, what are we thankful for?


All of YOU!

The stories you tell us every single day about how REAL food has improved your lives is truly an inspiration to us!  You are what keeps us motivated and encouraged to continue to serve you and so many others who can benefit from a lifestyle based on REAL food.

No matter your beliefs or religious preference, we all can agree on one thing...we are blessed and thankful for the incredible REAL food that has been created for us...

The plants that grow from the ground.

The fruits that grow from the trees.

The animals that graze on the prairies.

The fish that swim in the rivers and oceans.

Which makes Thanksgiving the perfect time to thank God for the amazing gift of REAL food.

We are truly blessed to be able to enjoy these gifts of REAL food every day!  They nourish and empower our bodies.  They bring us together around the table with family and friends.  The flavors bring smiles to our faces.  They support a sustainable environment...a priceless gift to provide future generations.  They help provide a living for farmers, producers, and others who work so hard to plant, grow and harvest these foods so we can enjoy them each and every day.

As Zonya says:

"Look at all the disease fighting, energy enhancing GOOD STUFF that REAL FOOD gives us like antioxidants, vitamins, minerals, fiber, potassium, magnesium, calcium and pro-biotics, not to mention textures and flavors that SATISFY our every craving, making weight control a breeze.  It really can be so simple if we stick to the close-to-nature foods that were created for us, teaming with natural flavors and bountiful nutrients...and isn't that what was intended for us from the very beginning?!"

While it can be frustrating to watch how highly processed foods have become the “go-to” foods for convenience and immediacy, and how it is affecting our health and society, Thanksgiving is a time to be grateful.

To be grateful for the fresh, flavorful, delicious foods He created for us.  To be grateful how they nourish us and keep us healthy.  To be grateful how great food can bring us together, sharing laughter and memories, with our loved ones.

We hope your Thanksgiving dinner tables are filled with delicious REAL food to savor and enjoy (unfortunately marshmallows and cream of mushroom soup don't count!).

And, don't be discouraged if you are in the "just getting started” phase.  Every step counts!  One small step leads to another and, before you know it, a transformation has occurred!


Happy Thanksgiving!


THANK YOU for your continued support and engagement!

What are you most thankful for this Thanksgiving?





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