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Texas Restaurants

Pharm Table


611 South Presa Street; San Antonio, TX 78205; (210) 802-1860

Eat REAL America member comment:  Stepped out of our comfort zone and had fun trying healthy options.  Refreshing after days of fried and unhealthy foods (we are traveling in the South).  We had the Israeli style hummus and veggie appetizer, green goddess salad with chicken, and the fish tacos.  Very tasty!

From their website:  Pharm Table’s mission is to share plant-forward meals that are locally sourced, globally inspired and promote an overall better quality of life.  Founded in 2015 by acclaimed chef Elizabeth Johnson, the team is dedicated to re-inventing comfort foods while eliminating inflammatory ingredients, promoting balanced health and vitality.  Following research from Harvard School of Public Health, National Geographic Blue Zones, Ayurveda, and other anti-inflammatory diets, Pharm Table promotes a primarily plant-based diet with smaller portions of clean animal proteins and an emphasis on nutrient-dense plant-based proteins.







Sweet Yams

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611 South Presa Street; San Antonio, TX 78205; (210) 802-1860

Eat REAL America member comment:  Another farm to table restaurant.  Interesting place.  My husband asked with a grin if this is considered a hold in the wall!  They are known for their gluten-free mac and cheese, so we had to try some.  With three kinds of cheese, I am not sure how healthy it is, but it was delicious.  

From their website:  Our mission is to bring delicious, organic, healthy food and make it affordable and accessible to everyone.  We're on a mission to heal the world through food; nurturing your mind, body, and soul with Organic local & Organic nationwide ingredients.  We offer an all organic juice program, by focusing on consumption of nutrients by way of organic juices.  We also provide the community with an organic food program. Fresh prepared meals that you choose off the menu, packaged and ready for you to warm and eat at your convenience. We keep it simple, fresh and full of love!





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