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Bring Convenience To Your Kitchen!


"I don't like leftovers!"

Have you ever heard this from your family or friends?  Or, maybe you have even said this?!

Let's face it - with our crazy schedules, we have to find ways to bring convenience into our kitchens!

We have a variety of tips on how to do this for breakfast...ideas like overnight oats, baked oatmeal cups, mug o' eggs and mini frittatas.


What about dinnertime?

It IS possible to bring convenience into your kitchen to help simplify and healthify dinnertime!  And, you can do it in a way where you avoid all those "...but I don't want boring leftovers..." complaints.

So, what's the solution?


Planned-Over meals or 2-for-1 meals!

One of our favorite ways to make it easier to cook at home and get the best "bang for our buck (and our time)" is 2-for-1 meals!

Also known as "planned-over meals" or "cook once, eat twice"...these meals can be lifesavers on busy weeknights.  There are many ways to do this.

All it requires is a little planning and then the possibilities are endless!




Slow Cooker Magic, Multiplied!

Investing just a few minutes in the morning to get the ingredients into the slow cooker (or you can even get them ready the night before), will let you come home in the evening and dinner can be on the table in a matter of minutes!  Plus, with intentional planing, what you don't eat for that meal can be transformed into super easy and delicious meals for dinnertime over the next few days.

Now, we are not talking about boring leftovers!  These ideas make the second (and even third) meal seem brand new -- and your family will completely forget they are eating leftovers, because they are not, they are PLANNED-OVERS!







Beyond the Slow Cooker...

There are also MANY other ways to bring convenience to your kitchen using this "cook once, eat twice" strategy.  Here are just a few ideas:

Prepare a big batch of rice and use it throughout the week in quick and easy meals:

Make a batch of Crunchy Coleslaw, and then enjoy it multiple times:

Enjoy hard boiled eggs - especially when there is an abundance at Easter:

Transform leftover meat:

Turn dinner into breakfast:

Dressings and sauces - make them once, use them twice (or more)!


Recently, after talking with a friend, she was saying how she doesn't have time to cook anything for dinner during the week.  When asked what her morning routine involved, she said that she gets up, grabs a cup of coffee and checks Facebook for about 30 minutes.  Bursting with excitement, we said "That's perfect -- you only need 15 minutes to throw something in the slow cooker and dinner will be ready when you walk through the door!  Plus, you will have leftovers for super-easy meals the rest of the week!"  As you can imagine...we got that raised-eyebrow look and she probably thought we were a little crazy, but we KNOW it got her thinking.  Just one small change to a current habit like this is all it would take to make a huge difference!

We know it takes some planning, such as making a list and picking up ingredients at the store, but just imagine the feeling of knowing dinner is planned and underway, so you can come home after a long day and get a great-tasting, nutritious meal on the table with little effort – and little cleanup!

What a stress reliever!

So, go ahead and pick the ideas you will make THIS IS possible, even when your schedule is jam-packed!




Your health and your family's health are worth it!


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  1. Thank you so much for the suggestion, this will work perfectly for me. I plan on trying this next week.

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