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Dear Santa…THESE gifts I can use!

Most of us probably just want simple things for Christmas.  You know, the relatives all getting along, no pets or kids knocking down the Christmas tree, and finding the perfect gifts for everyone.  But just in case you are looking for a little bit more, we thought we would provide some ideas for your Christmas list (or someone else's)!

Of course, there is always an annual membership for Eat REAL America, but we have some other ideas too.  Below is a list of kitchen items we have come to love for preparing REAL meals.  So, maybe if you drop some big hints and add them to your wish list, you can add these great items to your kitchen collection!  Or, use these as ideas for others on your list - we think they will be happy you did!

  • Cast iron skillet.  This will become your "go-to" skillet!  It is low-maintenance, virtually indestructible, doesn't degrade like non-stick pans, evenly distributes the heat and is great to use in the oven!
  • Dutch oven.  These pots come in different sizes and are perfect for soups, stews and chili.  They will last forever and you can use them for searing meats, making casseroles and you can transfer them from the stove to the oven!
  • Chef's knife.  If you don't have one, this is a must-have.  This knife is versatile enough to do everything from chopping herbs to butchering a chicken.  It is great for chopping, slicing and dicing fruits, vegetables and meats!  Look for an 8" or a 10" knife that feels comfortable.  Even if it appears intimidating at first (I thought I would cut my hand off!), hang in there -- you may decide this is the only knife you need!
  • Immersion blender.  Allows you to blend soups and sauces without taking them out of the pot!
  • Mini Blender.  There are many varieties, including the Ninja and Magic Bullet.  A good, convenience-sized blender is great for making sauces, dressings, pesto, hummus, breadcrumbs, almond flour and much more!
  • Slow cooker.  There is nothing better than coming home to a meal that has cooked low and slow all day and is ready to enjoy!  The ones with the removable pot make cleanup much easier.  At least a 6 quart size will work great with most slow cooker recipes.
  • Olive oil sprayer.  Great for spraying veggies before roasting or adding to air-popped popcorn!
  • Salt and pepper grinders.  There is just something about freshly ground salt and pepper!  Spice grinders are also useful to freshly grind other spices and/or coffee beans.
  • Garlic press.  Quick and easy way to chop fresh garlic!
  • Microplane zester.  You will love it for recipes that call for zested fruit or ginger!
  • Flexible cutting boards.  Super easy to quickly transfer sliced or diced vegetables into your pans!
  • Wooden spatulas and spoons.  These are great, especially if you are using cast iron or other non-stick pots / pans.

Do you know someone who would like to receive weekly meal ideas, along with a customizable shopping list, and recipe archives?  You can make it easy and give an annual membership to Eat REAL America!  Or, of course, you could also ask for this for yourself!  All you have to do is follow this link, or forward this to someone else who is trying to find you that perfect gift!

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