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With a Name Like That It’s Gotta Be Amazing!

Bi Bim Bop!

Have you heard of it, or maybe you are already a huge fan?!

Watch us show you how easy it is to prepare!


We first discovered this unique, mind-blowing meal during a trip to Chicago several years ago.  We went out for brunch and couldn’t resist one of the specials, which was described as a bowl of crispy rice, along with a mixture of farmers’ market vegetables and thinly-sliced marinated beef, topped with a poached egg, kimchi and served with chili garlic paste.


Our reaction?

Let’s just say it was, "where has this been all our life?”!  It was visually stunning and was one of the most delicious meals we have ever tasted.

So, of course, we have to make sure you know about it!  And, the beauty is this meal can be as simple or elaborate as you wish…there are endless variations.


What exactly is Bi Bim Bop?

Sometimes referred to as Bi Bim Bop, Bi Bim Bap or Bibimbap, this Korean-inspired dish is basically a mixed rice bowl.  It typically includes a bowl of rice, topped with a variety of raw or sautéed vegetables, chili paste (called gochujang) for a kick, marinated beef or other meat, and sometimes the addition of a raw or fried egg (we vote for the fried version!).


Hot or cold?


There are a couple different ways to prepare bibimbap:  1) a cold version can be served with fresh vegetables as a refreshing warm weather dish and 2) a hot version, referred to as a stone-bowl bibimbap, or Dolsot bibmibap, is a warm comforting dish in colder weather.  It is often served in a hot cast iron bowl, where the rice turns crispy and any raw veggies get lightly cooked.

Once you have everything in the bowl, you can mix it all together for an amazing combination of textures and flavors!



Is Bi Bim Bop healthy?

YES!  With its loads of vegetables and some lean meat, Bi Bim Bop is VERY healthy and a delicious way to amp up your nutrient intake!  Traditionally, people try to get at least five different colors in the bowl…this is definitely a worthy goal if you are making it at home.

Plus, Bi Bim Bop can also improve your gut health because, in typical Korean and Vietnamese style, Bi Bim Bop can also be topped with kimchi (or fermented vegetables).  See more about healthy gut bacteria and why it's important in our coaching tip!


Bi Bim Bop Success Tips:


  1. Which type or rice?  It's your choice, white or brown…they are both very similar in nutritional content.  See our rice coaching tip for more info!
  2. Marinate the meat!  Adding a marinade to the meat, for as little as 20 minutes, up to overnight, will help make the flavor soar!  Feel free to use ground beef or ground turkey as well.
  3. Sky's the limit on veggies!  The best part about Bi Bim Bop is the possibilities are endless when it comes to what veggies to use.  Try cabbage (red or green), bok choy, zucchini, bell pepper, carrots, summer squash, red onion, radishes, green onions, leeks, mushrooms, and more!  Remember, at least 5 colors!
  4. For a great texture, you can sauté some of the veggies and leave the others raw.
  5. Add some crunch!  Your choice of nuts (such as almonds or walnuts), or even just a sprinkle of sesame seeds or sunflower seeds, will add a fantastic touch of crunch to your meal.
  6. Quick Kimchi!  Farmers' market or store-bought kimchi (with clean ingredients) makes an excellent topping.  You can also make your own...and it can be super easy.  Try our Kimchi-Style Cabbage and Scallion Kimchi and see what you think!
  7. Adjust to your level of kick!  We feel like the key to a great Bi Bim Bop is that little kick of spice.  Whether you add Thai chili paste or a drizzle of sriracha, feel free to adjust to your level of kick and make your bowl your own!
  8. For a fabulous finish...add an egg!  Bi Bim Bop is so versatile, you can enjoy it for breakfast, lunch or dinner.  Adding a fried or poached egg on top makes it special...and if it's your thing (like it is ours), a runny yolk will make it EVEN MORE special -- crazy good!

Bi Bim Bop

Kale and Bok Choy Bi Bim Bop

Springtime Bi Bim Bop


The best part about Bi Bim Bop?

Everyone gets to customize their own!  Kids can enjoy building their own bowl with rice, meat, a few of their favorite veggies, and little or no kick, while others can enjoy it loaded with everything, plus a kick that brings them to tears.

It's a win-win -- everyone is happy!

If you are already a fan of Bi Bim Bop, please let us know your favorite combination of ingredients or, if you are new to Bi Bim Bop, try it and let us know what you think!


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