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I Already Feel So Much Better!

"I'm feeling sooooo much better, and that's after just 2 weeks of eating REAL food!"

"In less than a week, my digestive issues have calmed down and I'm feeling amazing!"


We hear comments like this all the time!



Is it true that you can experience noticeable changes in as little as one or two weeks when you shift your eating to REAL food?




How is this possible?

For starters, our bodies were created to function at their best when they get the right combination of nutrients.  Especially if you have been eating a lot of processed foods or eating out a lot, your body is likely not getting sufficient nutrients, along with too much sodium, sugar and unhealthy fats.  When you transition to a diet based on a wide variety of REAL food, your body very quickly embraces the increased nutrients you are taking in (and, naturally, the reduction in sodium, sugar and unhealthy fats).

Of course, everyone is different, and it depends where you are starting from and how quickly you make the transition.  Here are just a few examples of what can happen, even within just a few days:

A grateful gut.

Remember our "Be a Good Host" coaching tip?  It's worth reading if you haven't seen it yet.  To summarize, your gut microbiome is made up of trillions of cells that are packed into your intestines and includes a variety of bacteria, fungi and viruses.  Some of these bacteria are good and others are bad.  When your microbiome is healthy, you experience good digestion and nutrient absorption.  Your microbiome also has a huge impact on your brain health and function.

Your microbiome is highly sensitive to the foods you are eating.  When things get out of balance (too many bad bacteria), that's when illness and disease can push their way in.  Jennifer Jackson, MD, FACP, who serves as the Associate Professor of Medicine and Associate Program Director of Internal Medicine of the KU School of Medicine, sheds more light on this.  "You can grow a sick and weak type of biome - even letting a few cancer cells through - by eating a diet high in processed foods, simple sugars and inflammatory fat.  You can grow a healthy, thriving anti-inflammatory biome by eating whole fresh foods.  There is strong evidence that you can decrease risk of disease in as little as THREE WEEKS by changing the food you eat and altering the biome."

And studies have shown that your microbiome can respond to changes in your diet (for better or worse) within just a few days (even within a few hours)!

Dr. Jackson has shared what she has seen from her patients.  "The most dramatic results I have seen come from people who are suffering from pain and/or other inflammatory conditions.  By eliminating inflammatory foods and adding in whole foods, they see almost immediate life changing results.  I have seen patients with rheumatoid arthritis resolve their inflammation and patients with disabling osteoarthritis become mobile and pain free despite X-rays that would cause you to cringe due to their 'bone-on-bone' disease."

So, when you start feeling better within just a few days of transitioning to REAL food, this is in large part due to the healthy changes taking place in your gut microbiome.

Don't worry, be happy!

The emerging field of nutritional psychiatry continues to understand more about how a healthy gut communicates with your brain through the "gut-brain axis."  A healthy gut produces neurotransmitters like serotonin and dopamine that have a huge influence in our mood, emotions, and happiness.  In just a matter of days, you may find someone saying, "You seem really happy today."

More energy!

Eating more REAL food helps keep your blood sugar more steady.  Many people we have worked with have said that the first couple of days of their transition from processed to REAL foods were a little rough, but then something happened and their energy just soared.  They didn't have the same highs and lows as before and they felt like they were more alert and focused.  Plus, they say their mood improved and they found it easier to find the motivation to exercise.

Digestion and bloating.

Because you are eating more fiber and less salt, sugars and unhealthy fats, you are likely to feel less bloated after your meals.  You may also find you are not as hungry between meals because the fiber keeps you feeling full longer.  And, if you have any issues with GERD or acid reflux, you might find that improves also.

Getting your zzzzzzzs.

Eating REAL food can very quickly improve the quality AND quantity of your sleep.  Read our coaching tip to learn more, including some of the foods that can help promote a good night's sleep.  And you may even wake up more energized!

My cravings are changing!

Your tastebuds regenerate themselves continuously and have an average lifespan of about 10 days.  You may be surprised how quickly your taste buds and cravings change.  If you cut out added sugar, and only eat fruits for a sweet treat, for even just 10 days, you may be shocked how sweet things will taste on day 11.  The same is true if you cut out excessive amounts of salt.

A virtuous cycle!

You may be thinking, "all these things seem like they are related"...and you're right!  As your gut microbiome becomes healthier (starting within hours or days), your mood starts to improve and you have more energy.  Exercise becomes easier and you find you are sleeping better.  You may notice you feel fuller longer and you are starting to crave different foods.  The cycle just continues and you continue to get healthier and healthier.

More changes...

As you continue beyond the first week or two, more noticeable changes are inevitable:

  • Your clothes fit better
  • You don't seem to get sick as much (because your immune system improves)
  • Your cholesterol levels and blood pressure improve
  • Your skin and complexion are noticeably better
  • If you experienced migraines, joint pains, irritable bowel syndrome, or other annoying health issues, they are likely to improve


And we haven't even talked about weight loss!  Depending on where you started and how much you have transitioned your eating habits, you may notice you have lost about 1 to 2 pounds per week.  And it didn't even feel like deprivation, right?!

If you are thinking "I know I need to eat healthier" or "I wish I could improve my health issues," now is the time to start!

Your health and your family's health are worth it!

We can't wait to hear your success story!



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  1. I started eating more fiber, especially legumes in early March. On 3-22-23 I enrolled in your program, and I have noticed a huge improvement with my digestion and how I feel. I have also dropped nearly 3 pounds in just one week. Clean eating is not new to me, but I had fallen off the wagon for a while. I love all the recipes and articles posted in your FB group. The content is interesting to read and helpful.

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