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Food Freedom!

Happy 4th of July to the Eat REAL America community!

We hope you all are enjoying some relaxing time with family and friends - and of course enjoying delicious and nutritious food and drinks!

What word comes to mind when you think about July 4th?

Maybe it is fireworks or barbeque or independence or stars and stripes.

Another word that often comes to mind is FREEDOM!  No matter where you stand on how free we are in this country, there is no question we are so blessed to live in a society where freedom is always available to us.

The freedom to think our own thoughts, live out our own faith, live where we want, do what we want, eat what we want, pursue our dreams, and make our own decisions.  Of course, there are some limits on our freedom.  We can't drive 55 mph through a school zone or just walk out of the store with a new computer without paying for it (well, I guess we could, but we probably wouldn't like the consequences).

And yes, we sometimes run into constraints (sometimes real, sometimes perceived) that affect our feeling of freedom.  We make choices that affect how much freedom we have with our time, our money, our relationships, our health, and so much more.  But it is hard to argue that the more freedom we can build into our lives, the more joy and happiness we experience!


What About Food Freedom?

One of the greatest joys in our REAL food journey is the "food freedom" we have experienced over the years.

Before we started our journey, we used to burden ourselves with so many rules and constraints.  We went through a phase where we said we should only eat low-fat foods, which sent us into a tailspin of identifying a limited set of low-fat meals we would eat, and we ate those meals over and over and over again.

And they really weren't that good for us.

Another time, we said we should limit how much fruit we were eating because the headlines said fruits had too much sugar.  Did we miss those fruits?  Absolutely!  In both these situations, we put constraints on ourselves and avoided so many foods - we definitely didn't feel "free" when it came to what we were eating.


Fast forward to today.

We feel absolutely liberated from all the constraints and rules we used to put on ourselves!

No more diets.

No more deprivation.

No more counting calories or macros.

No more saying "I can't eat that." 

Instead, we wake up every day excited about all the foods we GET to enjoy...especially in-season ingredients in the summer!

And we don't feel guilty when we indulge once in a while.  A big juicy burger from one of our favorite restaurants?  You bet!

A piece of tiramisu from our favorite Italian restaurant?  So good!

An ooey, gooey brownie our niece made especially for us?  We can't say no to that!

A glass of wine or a craft beer that perfectly complements a meal?  Loved doing this with friends a couple of nights ago!

This feeling of freedom when it comes to our food and our meals has brought so much joy to our lives, and even unleashed a passion we never knew we had.


Is "food freedom" the right way to describe this?!

Everyone is familiar with financial freedom, freedom of speech and religious freedom.  What is it called when it comes to food?  Is there a name for this?  Is it "food freedom?"


We did what everyone does these days...we consulted ChatGPT.

Here's what we got when we said, "Tell me about food freedom in a humorous way:"


Ah, food freedom, the culinary equivalent of a wild, joyous dance party for your taste buds!  Picture this:

Food freedom is like being the master of your own culinary destiny, where you reign supreme over your plate.  It's like having a passport to Flavorland, with no visa restrictions on exploring the vast and diverse world of food.

Imagine strutting down the grocery store aisles, cart in hand, with a mischievous grin on your face.  You're the ultimate food rebel, tossing kale, quinoa, and chocolate chip cookies into your cart like a fearless renegade.

Food freedom means you get to have your cake and eat it too, guilt-free!  Want to indulge in a mouthwatering slice of pizza?  Go for it!  Craving a crisp, refreshing salad?  Dive right in!  The world is your buffet, and you're the unstoppable food explorer.

It's like having a personal food DJ who creates a harmonious playlist of flavors just for you.  Sweet, savory, spicy, tangy—they all dance together on your tongue, creating a symphony of deliciousness that would make Beethoven jealous.

And let's not forget the freedom to make outrageous food combinations that only your taste buds truly understand.  Peanut butter and pickles?  Why not!  Avocado and chocolate?  Absolutely!  Food freedom is about embracing the weird and wonderful, because life is too short for boring meals.

No more worrying about what others think of your food choices.  You're a culinary maverick, bravely defying the norms of "acceptable" eating.  So go ahead, eat that slice of watermelon with your bare hands or slurp your soup with gusto.  Unleash your inner food rebel and savor the sweet taste of freedom!

Remember, food freedom is all about finding the balance between enjoying the foods you love and nourishing your body.  So let your taste buds lead the way, and may your food adventures be filled with laughter, flavor, and a dash of delicious rebellion!


We hope everyone in the Eat REAL America community feel freedom when it comes to your food choices.  Especially the freedom to enjoy all the amazing in-season foods that God created for us!


Do you feel like you don't have as much freedom as you would like in this area of your life?

Please reach out to us!

That's what this community is for!



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3 Responses to Food Freedom!

  1. I found your information on U Tube watched your videos and haven’t stopped learning about eating real food . I got my cholesterol tested and it’s dropped by 30 points. Still a little high but I will keep eating real food. I have been on Weight Watchers many times it is a good program but is real restrictive. This past 4 months have been the most liberating months in my life (Concerning dieting) I can’t thank you enough for your support.
    I look forward to learning more about making good choices and eating real food. I am sure you will hear more from me in the months to come 😊😊

    • YAY YOU JUDY! Thanks so much for your comment, and for trusting us that “REAL FOOD” is the exciting and delicious way to health. Congrats on your Cholesterol drop and we’re here to keep you going! Here’s to Food Freedom!

    • Judy – I had to chime it along with Zonya’s comment…we are so proud of you! Those are amazing results – thank you! It is successes like yours that keep us inspired and motivated so thank you so much! We can’t wait to hear more!

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