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Technology is great, until it isn’t.

A few of you may have recently experienced challenges accessing the Eat REAL America website.  For everyone else, you probably haven't experienced any issues and all has been perfectly fine.

The issue seems to be affecting those using the Chrome browser and you may be getting a message that the site is insecure.  For anyone who has been affected...

We feel your frustration and we apologize!

First, please rest assured that our website security and SSL security certificate is working and updated.  We have tested this multiple times.  Now, after MANY hours working with our website company and our hosting company, we believe we have FINALLY discovered the mysterious technical issue and how to resolve it.


What you can do if you are a Chrome web browser user:

Try opening the Eat REAL America website,, in a different web browser such as Firefox or Safari.

We hope you know as an Eat REAL America member, we are so grateful for you and for your patience and understanding.  We are working diligently to get this issue resolved as soon as possible!


Thank you again for your patience and continued support!


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4 Responses to Technology is great, until it isn’t.

  1. Ha – I completely feel your pain! I used to work Tech support for a company and inevitably the customers having browser issues were the worst to diagnose. There are so many settings between the end user browser, the internet provider, the hosting site and finally the actual software. Yea old try another browser, open in private window and reboot computer we’re the default first line of defense answers 👍

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