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A Sweet Makeover of a Savory Favorite

We all know hummus is famous as that pre-dinner snack or appetizer that's the ideal dip for pitas and veggies, right?

But have you ever considered hummus to be an after-dinner sweet treat?

And, what exactly would you call it?  Would it still qualify as hummus?



Work of genius, or are you having a hard time wrapping your head around this strange combination?

Just in case you haven't noticed, "dessert hummus" has been popping up more and more and is continuing to gain momentum.  On the wildly popular TV show Shark Tank, Mark Cuban even invested $600k in a company whose main product is dessert hummus!

Just like savory traditional hummus, "dessert hummus" is super-easy to make at home.  The main ingredient guessed it, chickpeas (or garbanzo beans)!  Then, you can add a variety of ingredients to create your desired sweet treat flavor.  Just buzz it all up in your blender or food processor and, in a matter of minutes, your creation is ready to enjoy!  We created three versions:  good ole' chocolate chip cookie dough, chocolaty brownie batter and cinnamon-infused snickerdoodle cookie...all made with REAL ingredients!


So, how does it taste?

All three versions we made were surprisingly good!  Maybe this "dessert hummus" trend is onto something!  The brownie batter and the chocolate chip cookie dough versions were neck-and-neck for our favorite, and the snickerdoodle - while still good - came in second place (in our opinion).

We liked them best with fresh, crisp apple slices, and they would also be great with pear slices, strawberries, bananas, pita chips, pretzels or whole grain crackers.



Is it good for you?

Traditional hummus is a very healthy snack.  A few simple ingredients like chickpeas, tahini (paste of ground sesame seeds), garlic, lemon juice, olive oil and salt produce a creamy texture that is loaded with protein, fiber and other beneficial vitamins and minerals.  The healthy bacteria in our guts love the fiber, and the ingredients make it a great anti-inflammatory food.  Plus, it pairs perfectly with fresh, crisp vegetables, amping up the nutrition even more!

It doesn't have to stop there!  You can also incorporate other healthy, REAL ingredients to amp the flavor even more and add some pizazz to the traditional version.  Try these creations:

Believe it or not, hummus is much more than just a can add it into a variety of meals like the Roasted Veggie Sandwich, Slow Cooker Moroccan Chicken Bites or the Mushroom Tortilla Pizzas, just to name a few!

Dessert hummus is healthy too!  Even though it has sweeteners like maple syrup and chocolate chips, it is also a healthy snack or dessert, especially compared to the alternatives like a big chocolate chip cookie, a pan of brownies or a frosting-topped cupcake.  For 2 tablespoons, it has under 100 calories and under 8 grams of sugar.  How does that compare?  Two (2) tablespoons of Pillsbury chocolate chip refrigerated cookie dough has 260 calories and 22 grams of sugar.  Obviously, that's quite a difference!

No matter whether it's traditional or dessert hummus, the key is to not go overboard.

As Zonya always says...

"It's the dose that makes the poison," so feel free to savor and enjoy a couple of tablespoons (or even 1/4 cup)...just be mindful and don't eat the entire batch!

Please share with us!

What is your opinion of "dessert hummus" and can you come up with a better name for it?  Try it and let us know what you think!


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2 Responses to A Sweet Makeover of a Savory Favorite

  1. How about Dessertummus? I like the concept I haven’t tried it yet. But if a smart guy from Pittsburgh invest in it, then it’s gotta be good!!

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