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What’s Your Number?

When you go to the store, what percentage of the food you buy is ultra-processed?   Would it shock you if we told you this number is over 60% for the average American household?   Are you at least a little shocked by this? After all, it is no secret these foods (much of which […]

AI’s Take on REAL Food!

Have you encountered AI yet?   If you haven’t heard of it, we are talking about “artificial intelligence.” Even if you think it hasn’t affected your life, it probably has.  I know I have run into it, and I expect it is about to become a bigger part of all of our lives over the […]

I Already Feel So Much Better!

“I’m feeling sooooo much better, and that’s after just 2 weeks of eating REAL food!” “In less than a week, my digestive issues have calmed down and I’m feeling amazing!”   We hear comments like this all the time!     Is it true that you can experience noticeable changes in as little as one […]

Even Better Than What the Doctor Ordered

We have all heard the advice,“to be healthy, you need to eat more fruits and vegetables.”   But what EXACTLY does this mean? And, are there certain foods that are more important than others? In the past, we have featured a monthly “Superfood”, encouraging our members to enjoy that food in a variety of ways throughout […]

Does Variety Matter?

Do you know someone who eats the same foods over and over, each and every day? Some people may find comfort in this routine.  Others would find themselves in the uncomfortable and frustrating situation of feeling “stuck in a rut.”  A few years ago, we ran across someone who literally ate the same thing every […]

Is Inflammation a Secret Killer?

Are you confused about inflammation and how it affects your health?   Is it good for you, or bad? If you are confused, rest assured you’re not alone. We want to help you understand what it is and how it might be affecting your health, or the health of your loved ones.   People sometimes […]

Healthy You in 22!

Last year at this time, we provided 21 ideas to embrace a healthy REAL food lifestyle…     this year, as New Year’s Day rapidly approaches, we want to help you be the inspiration! We all know the top New Year’s resolution always seems to be to “eat healthier” (right up there with exercising more), […]

Happy Anniversary!

Time flies when you’re having fun, right?! Believe it or not, we published our very first Eat REAL America weekly meal ideas and coaching tip 8 years ago, in October 2013. My husband and I were reminiscing about everything we have experienced and learned over the last 8 years and thought you might enjoy some […]

Is This True for the Kids In Your Life?

How can we help our kids not just survive, but thrive? A couple of weeks ago, a study was published in the Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA) showing that 67% of calories consumed by U.S. youths are coming from ultra-processed foods.  Yes, that is over two-thirds!       Remember, ultra-processed foods include […]

Celebrate Red, White and Blue…REAL Food Style

Fireworks, enjoying time with family and friends, soaking up the sun at the pool, or relaxing on the lake! If you are like us, you are not only looking forward to celebrating all things summer, but especially celebrating our upcoming patriotic holiday with family and friends, and savoring life feeling a little more normal this […]

Should You Only Eat Organic?

Do you wonder whether you should be eating more organic foods?   Are you confused about what “organic” really means?   If you watched our virtual grocery store tour in the produce section, we mentioned one of the most challenging decisions is whether to buy organic or conventional.  Part of our Eat REAL America mission […]

Delicious AND Nutritious!

Sound, sight, touch, smell and taste… we all know the five senses.   Which are the most important when it comes to food?   Of course, smell…and especially taste! We frequently hear people say, “healthy food just doesn’t taste as good” or “vegetables are just so boring.”  Why does this perception exist? One reason is someone […]

The whiter the bread, the sooner you’ll be dead.

  Do you feel like you need a chemistry degree to purchase a healthy and nutritious bread at the store?   If you have recently evaluated the options in the bread aisle, it just may leave your head spinning! In Michael Pollan’s book “Food Rules,” he says “the whiter the bread, the sooner you’ll be […]

Do this to eat healthy without depriving yourself

How many times have you heard someone say they are trying to eat healthier or following a specific “Diet”, and then they begin to list all the things they are no longer eating? Or, maybe you or someone you know has read an article or received advice that included phrases like… “Don’t eat…” “Limit…” “Avoid…” […]

Thanksgiving Every Day?

We all know the nutritional and health benefits of REAL food… …but what if the benefits are much bigger than that? Perhaps there are also significant social and family benefits associated with a lifestyle based on REAL food. The good news is family meal time is increasing…but challenges still remain, especially with our many distractions. […]

The Rewards Are Bigger Than Just Good Health

ANNOUNCING… We have added a comments section to the coaching tips!  Your thoughts and ideas are so important to our community and we want all of our members to benefit…so we encourage you to share your perspective on this one and other coaching tips! Let the conversations begin!   We all know the nutritional and […]

Are You Fed Up?

When I first saw the trailer for the documentary “Fed Up,” which was just released on DVD in September 2014, I was intrigued.  We recently had the chance to kick back and enjoy some family movie time (which doesn’t happen enough around here), and “Fed Up” was part of the line-up.  If we weren’t already […]

Meet The Flying Stove…Wichita’s Mobile Culinary Creators

As part of Eat REAL America’s series featuring local chefs, farmers and others who are great resources for REAL food, we wanted to provide an opportunity to get to know a couple of amazing brothers (Jeff and Rob Schauf, owners of The Flying Stove food truck) a little better. MEET THE FLYING STOVE…WICHITA’S MOBILE CULINARY […]

What was the 6th most overused word in 2013?

Superfoods!  Lake Superior State University creates an annual list of useless, overused, or misused words and “Superfoods” made #6 on the list for 2013!  So, what exactly is a Superfood?  The Wikipedia definition of a “Superfood” is:  “a food that is considered to be beneficial to your health and may even help some medical conditions.” […]

What is REAL food?

Natural.  Grows from the ground.  Grows from a tree.  Grazes on the prairie or swims in the ocean.  Not made in a factory.  Anything that once had a mother.  Basically, REAL food is food that is alive, and will eventually rot or “go bad.” “Fake” food, on the other hand, has been processed to extend […]