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Inspiring Member Stories

Catching Up With Santa!

POSTED: December 21, 2021
Some of you may remember our exclusive interview with Santa in 2019. We were honored that he took time out of his super-busy schedule to talk to us.  Well, the luck truck struck again and we had ...

Happy Anniversary!

POSTED: October 12, 2021
Time flies when you're having fun, right?! Believe it or not, we published our very first Eat REAL America weekly meal ideas and coaching tip 8 years ago, in October 2013. My husband and I were ...

Fired Up for 2021!

POSTED: December 15, 2020
Is it just us, or do you feel like you have something bottled up and ready to burst out in 2021?! After the year we have just experienced, we feel like 2021 is the time for something significant ...

From healthy to white fluffy pancakes?!

POSTED: November 17, 2020
An Eat REAL America member recently shared a message that we think many of you may relate to...   we certainly did!   This husband and wife, who are thriving in their REAL food journey, ...

It’s All About Flavor!

POSTED: July 21, 2020
On Saturday, we did a cooking demo at a local farmers’ market. This is one of our favorite things to do because every time - not just once in a while - EVERY TIME someone says, “I didn’t think I ...

Meet Beverly and Ken…

POSTED: June 30, 2020
"We feel better, have more energy and sleep better, and we no longer succumb to emotional eating!"     How many people wish they could say this?! We are often asked, "what keeps you ...

A Little Burst of Inspiration

POSTED: March 26, 2019
"I let go of the wheel and we fell off the wagon..." We recently had some close friends who had been successful on their REAL food journey tell us they got lazy and let go of the wheel.  Because ...

Inspiring Stories From Our Members

POSTED: September 18, 2018
One of our favorite and most fulfilling aspects of Eat REAL America is the inspiration we receive from our members!   Over the past few weeks, we have heard many inspiring and motivating ...

Let’s Celebrate!

POSTED: July 4, 2017
Happy Fourth of July! Happy Birthday America! As we celebrate America, our freedom, and everything that goes with it, we thought this would also be the perfect day to celebrate the success of a ...

“I Don’t Dread Cooking Anymore!”

POSTED: February 9, 2016
We are SO excited to share with you a great story about two Eat REAL America members!       This inspiring mom and daughter team is a perfect example of what so many people could ...