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Worksite Wellness

Guaranteed Employee Engagement!

Help your employees conquer their healthy eating challenges in a fun and practical way!

Our healthy eating program helps participants learn firsthand how to develop the REAL food knowledge, cooking confidence and family acceptance that creates a “delicious-meets-healthy” lifestyle that sticks!

“I would give up my gym membership before I would give up Eat REAL America as part of our wellness program.”

"The recipes are awesome and easy!  I’ve tried new foods, and found I like them.  (That in itself is a miracle!). This program has helped me lose 90 pounds, and drop my cholesterol 60 points in 11 months.  Friends, eating REAL is FOR REAL!"

“Educational, useful and practical!  Our employees said this is one of the best programs we’ve had in the 5 years of doing our wellness program!”

"Excellent program!  Such a wonderful eye-opening experience, everything was healthy and delicious!"  

"Love the videos and recipes!  This program has taught me better ways to eat, and more amazingly, I have tried foods I never would have thought I would like!"

"The Eat REAL America session was absolutely phenomenal!  You have so much energy and you're so easy to listen to.  YOUR STORY IS EVERYBODY'S STORY.  You should be on the Food Network!”

The key is the experience…to see how easy it can be to prepare a variety of meals using REAL ingredients, to experience the great taste and to understand why these meals are good for our health (and why the things we may be eating today can adversely affect our health).  


Participants will:

  • Be inspired and encouraged to improve their health and lifestyle by learning practical skills to better manage their weight, cholesterol, blood pressure, blood sugar, and boost their immune systems and prevent disease.
  • Gain a motivating awareness of the pitfalls of the "Standard America Diet" and the health benefits of a less processed and more plant-forward lifestyle.
  • Gain confidence on how to prepare REAL ingredients, including a variety of vegetables, and be inspired to try new foods and new preparations -- they will thank their employer for making this part of its wellness program.


Live (or Virtual) Cooking Presentations

Let us come to your worksite in-person or virtually to demonstrate how easy it is to transform mealtime into a healthy and rewarding experience.  Attendees will be empowered and inspired, with practical REAL food preparation know-how to apply right away!

  • Cooking presentation (with samples to enjoy if done in-person)
  • Easy food prep tips, tricks and real-life stories throughout the demo
  • Featured recipes available on

A few of our most-requested topics:

  • Kickstart - learn where to start and simple steps to transform your lifestyle through REAL food
  • Quick and Easy Meals - convenience can be healthy AND delicious!
  • Slow Cooker Success and "2-For-1" Meals
  • Take Veggies to Another Level - new and exciting ways to enjoy veggies!
  • Breakfast of Champions
  • Snacktime Just Got REAL
  • Dessert and Sweet Treats


Eat REAL America Website Membership

Support your employees as they make positive improvements in the quality of the food they select and prepare for themselves and their families.

Eat REAL America memberships provide access to hundreds of healthy, easy-to-prepare recipes, twice-weekly coaching e-mails to encourage and educate, customizable and time-saving shopping list, and a library of how-to articles and videos that keep employees on the path to good health -- all in an ad-free environment.


Eat REAL Cookbook

Help your employees navigate through the confusion about what is healthy and what is not, and realize how to “Keep it Simple and Eat REAL food!”

The Eat REAL Cookbook includes a 28-Day Kickstart, including four weeks of dinner entrees and sides, beginning with a “warm up” week of REAL food variations of familiar family favorites.  The following weeks’ menus then take it to the next level, gradually introducing new foods and preparation methods.

With weekly grocery lists, color photos of every recipe and coaching along the way, your employees will prepare and enjoy REAL food that’s loved by the whole family.

And, with breakfast, lunch, snack, dessert and beverage recipes included, every meal is covered, helping them on their way to a nutritionally-rich, flavor-filled way of life, fueled by REAL FOOD!

"Thank you for putting together such a great book and making it so simple!  We have enjoyed all of the recipes and have learned so much about ingredients and spices.  My inflammation and arthritis swelling is gone and my husband and I have both lost weight!  Neither one of us have felt deprived at all!"

"Love this cookbook!  The ingredients are easy to find, the recipes are easy to follow, and the meals taste so good - I am so happy to have this for my family!"


Eat REAL For Your Health:  8-Module Video Program

This one-of-a-kind Master Class bundles 8 video modules to combine evidence-based nutrition education and cooking instruction.

Get ready to WOW your taste buds, whittle your waistline and amplify the health of your whole family!

It's a full year of 24/7 inspiration!

This program includes online streaming of 8 Eat REAL For Your Health video modules, one year membership to, Eat REAL Cookbook 28-Day Kickstart, Wipe-Erase REAL Food Daily Defender Checklist, and Eat REAL Shopping List Notepad. 




  • Choice of 100% online programming, or detailed facilitation guide to lead in-person classes.
  • Solid nutrition education that engages and motivates participants with a program that quantifiably moves the needle on health.
  • Sizzling food network-like cooking demonstrations that ignite learning!


The 8-Module Video Program includes:

(each video is about 7 minutes in length)

  • Why Eat REAL, Starting with Snacking!  Replace packaged snacks with options from the REAL snack aisle.
  • Breakfast of Champions, Fast and REAL.  Start the day with antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, and fiber-rich REAL food.
  • Power Up Your Salads and the Benefits of Cruciferous.  Include one daily serving of cruciferous vegetables and reduce your risk of cancer deliciously.
  • Chocolate that’s Good for You…for REAL!  Choose truly dark chocolate (not the imposters) plus berries for a healthy way to satisfy a sweet tooth.
  • Go Mediterranean and Love Every Bite!  Learn several distinct reasons we should eat as the Mediterraneans do.
  • Spotlight on Spices and Slow Cooker Secrets.  Pair health-promoting spices with cruciferous cauliflower to create a dinner made easy by the “kitchen lifesaver.”
  • Healthy Pizza Enjoyed Out or At Home.  Adopt a winning 3-step “Pizza Code of Conduct” that makes pizza night deliciously healthy.
  • Embrace Plant-Based with Stir Fry, Oh My!  Learn the simple art of stir-frying to exponentially increase vegetable intake for the whole family.


"Our 500 participants achieved a 98% completion rate, and netted over $425,000 in projected health care cost avoidance!*  Fantastic!"

(*Based on a combined 2,000+ pounds lost and 59 participants reporting removal of high blood pressure, cholesterol or diabetes medication or diagnosis.)

"This program instills nutrition-in-the-kitchen competence, and is a game-changer!"



We would love to discuss how we can best help your Worksite Wellness initiatives!  We are expert at customizing wellness initiatives that best meet the needs of your employees.

Let us know of your interest by completing the form below or call 316-655-6903 to see how we can help you and your company EAT REAL!


Request Krista or Zonya!


Krista travels from Wichita, KS, or, Zonya travels from Detroit-Ann Arbor, MI.

Empower your employees to improve their nutrition knowledge and drive down disease, deliciously!