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Corporate Wellness



Guaranteed Employee Engagement!

Help your employees conquer their healthy eating challenges in a fun and practical way!  Our Lunch-and-Learn programs help participants learn firsthand how easy it can be to enjoy simple, great-tasting, healthy meals!

The Eat REAL Wellness Experience

Choose from any combination of the following:



Support your employees to make positive improvements in the quality of the food they select and prepare for themselves and their families!  An Eat REAL America membership provides access to hundreds of healthy, easy-to-prepare recipes, twice-weekly e-mails to encourage and educate, and a library of how-to articles and videos that keep employees on the path to good health.  Providing memberships to employees as part of your wellness program is a great way to encourage healthy eating and demonstrates to employees how much you care about their personal well-being.


Let us come to your worksite to demonstrate how easy it is to transform mealtime into a healthy and rewarding experience.  Attendees will leave empowered and inspired, with practical REAL food preparation know-how to apply right away!

A one-hour lunch and learn will include:

  • Live cooking demo presentation with samples to enjoy
  • Easy food prep tips, tricks and real-life stories throughout the demo
  • Recipes of featured meals are all available on
  • Suggestions for prize giveaways to enhance employee engagment

Sample Lunch and Learn Topics:

  1. Kickstart - learn where to start and simple steps to focus on enjoying more REAL food
  2. Quick and Easy Meals
  3. Slow Cooker Success
  4. Take Veggies to Another Level - turn veggies into noodles
  5. Breakfast of Champions
  6. Snacktime Just Got REAL
  7. Surprise Smoothies
  8. Stand Out in a Crowd - Picnics/Potlucks
  9. Spring Rolls 101
  10. Dessert and Sweet Treats


“I would give up my gym membership before I would give up Eat REAL America as part of our wellness program!”

“Educational, useful and practical!"

"Our employees said this is one of the best lunch and learns we’ve had in the 5 years of doing our wellness program!"

"The Eat REAL America presentation with Krista was absolutely phenomenal!  You have so much energy and you're so easy to listen to.  YOUR STORY IS EVERYBODY'S STORY.  You should be on the Food Network!”

“What started as a simple luncheon at work resulted in a whole new way of eating for my family.”


Eat REAL For Your Health

Combine the benefits of evidence-based nutrition education and cooking instruction!   Engage employees with 8 video-based cooking demonstrations (each 6-8 minutes in length), on featured topics including snacks, breakfast, quick and easy meals, and sweet treats.  Plus, leader notes and facilitator guide that outline class activities for hands-on learning, and preparation instructions to offer in-class taste samples of highlighted recipes prepared by your caterer, food service team, or enlisted volunteers.  Empower your employees to improve their nutrition knowledge and drive down disease, deliciously!


Eat REAL Cookbook

Help your employees navigate through the confusion about what is healthy and what is not, and realize how to “Keep it Simple and Eat REAL food!”  

The Eat REAL Cookbook includes a 28-Day Kickstart, including four weeks of dinner entrees and sides beginning with a “warm up” week of REAL food variations of familiar family favorites.  The following weeks’ menus then take it to the next level, gradually introducing new foods and preparation methods.  With weekly grocery lists, color photos of every recipe and coaching along the way, your employees will prepare and enjoy REAL food that’s loved by the whole family.  And, with breakfast, lunch, snack, dessert and beverage recipes included, every meal is covered, helping them on their way to a nutritionally-rich, flavor-filled way of life, fueled by REAL FOOD.  They will have the REAL food expertise, cooking confidence and family acceptance that creates a “delicious meets healthy” lifestyle that STICKS!



We would love to discuss how we can best help your Wellness Program initiatives!  We are expert at customizing wellness initiatives that best meet the needs of your employees.  Let us know of your interest by completing the form below or call 316-655-6903 to see how we can help you and your company EAT REAL!


SWH-Stage-and-screenRequest Krista or Zonya!

Krista travels from Wichita, KS, or, Zonya travels from Detroit-Ann Arbor, MI.

No crowd is too big or too small!  From 10 people to 1,000, we guarantee your attendees will leave excited and inspired to cook REAL food tonight!