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Spotlight Stories

Seafood 101

POSTED: February 13, 2024
Are you intimidated when it comes to seafood? Maybe you are like my in-laws, who love eating fish, but rarely make it at home because of the intimidation factor.  Or maybe you had a bad ...

Catching Up with Santa in the UP!

POSTED: December 19, 2023
Holiday magic?! We have been blessed the last few years to have the opportunity to chat with Santa and catch up on all that he and Mrs. Claus - and the elves and reindeer of course - have been up ...

Celebrating a Milestone Birthday!

POSTED: December 5, 2023
Can you imagine missing your child's birthday? With the daily hustle and bustle, you get so busy trying to keep all the balls in the air...and you suddenly realize your precious baby's birthday ...

We Want to Donate $100 to Your Favorite Charity!

POSTED: November 21, 2023
Each and every day, you all inspire us, and we are so thankful for all of you! We love hearing all your stories about the changes you are making and how your own REAL food journeys are changing ...

Celebrate Mother’s Day…REAL FOOD Style!

POSTED: May 2, 2023
Believe it or not, Mother's Day is less than two weeks away.   Are you ready?   You may be celebrating your Mom or a special person in your life.  Or maybe your family is asking, "what ...

What do we eat?

POSTED: April 18, 2023
"Woman shows every meal for 47 days!" If you saw this headline, would you think "she is crazy!"? Or you might wonder, "what kind of fad diet is she trying to sell?" As many of you know, that is ...

Our Sit-Down with Santa!

POSTED: December 20, 2022
Some of you may remember our interview with Santa last year. We didn't want to bother Santa this year, knowing how busy he is.  So, you can imagine our surprise when he called and asked when we ...

Catching Up With Santa!

POSTED: December 21, 2021
Some of you may remember our exclusive interview with Santa in 2019. We were honored that he took time out of his super-busy schedule to talk to us.  Well, the luck truck struck again and we had ...

Happy Anniversary!

POSTED: October 12, 2021
Time flies when you're having fun, right?! Believe it or not, we published our very first Eat REAL America weekly meal ideas and coaching tip 8 years ago, in October 2013. My husband and I were ...

Meet Beverly and Ken…

POSTED: June 30, 2020
"We feel better, have more energy and sleep better, and we no longer succumb to emotional eating!"     How many people wish they could say this?! We are often asked, "what keeps you ...

Exclusive Interview with Santa

POSTED: December 24, 2019
As you can imagine, Santa has been super-busy with final preparations for his around-the-world trip that is now underway! Just before he left, he took a few minutes to talk to us about a variety ...

A Glimpse Into a Few Days With Zonya and Krista

POSTED: August 20, 2019
What does an inspiring fun-filled 4 days look like when Zonya and I get together? As you can imagine, there is NOT a lot of sitting around! I recently spent a few days at Zonya's home base in ...

This may be the most memorable part of your summer vacation!

POSTED: May 17, 2016
As we all gear up for summer vacations, we want to provide some inspiration to help you enjoy some delicious and healthy meals on the road …   First, eating on the road is NOT the time to ...

“I Don’t Dread Cooking Anymore!”

POSTED: February 9, 2016
We are SO excited to share with you a great story about two Eat REAL America members!       This inspiring mom and daughter team is a perfect example of what so many people could ...

Every Community Has One of These…

POSTED: August 25, 2015 under-appreciated chef!  You know the one, the chef that's cranking out some out-of-this-world meals, but flies under the radar...often due to his or her humble character.  They contribute ...

Meet Jimmy Vo…a One-of-a-Kind Wichita Farmer!

POSTED: September 9, 2014
As part of Eat REAL America's series featuring local Wichita farmers, chefs and others who are great resources for REAL food, we wanted to provide you an opportunity to get to know an amazing ...

Meet The Flying Stove…Wichita’s Mobile Culinary Creators

POSTED: May 27, 2014
As part of Eat REAL America’s series featuring local chefs, farmers and others who are great resources for REAL food, we wanted to provide an opportunity to get to know a couple of amazing ...

Meet A Local Celebrity Chef

POSTED: January 28, 2014
As Eat REAL America helps our community learn more about the local resources we have available for REAL food, we are beginning a series featuring local chefs, farmers and others.  We want to give ...