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Grocery Store Tours

Grocery Store Tour – Buying Bread Without a Chemistry Degree!

POSTED: February 1, 2022
We’re back in the grocery store with a trip to the bread aisle!   Do you feel confused with all the options in the bread aisle?   If so, you’re not alone! Is multi-grain a ...

Grocery Store Tour – Grab a Spoon For a Trip to the Yogurt Section!

POSTED: August 10, 2021
Do all of the choices in the yogurt section of the grocery store overwhelm you?   We can relate! And, we want to share what we have learned on our REAL food journey.   There are so many ...

Grocery Store Tour – Vinegars and Dressings

POSTED: July 6, 2021
Why all the vinegar choices at the store?   And, what about all those bottled salad dressings…can they be part of a healthy lifestyle?   Continuing our grocery store tours, we ...

Grocery Store Tour: Cooking Oils are Not Created Equal!

POSTED: June 8, 2021
It seems like such a simple question:   “What is the best oil to use?”   Have you looked at all the choices at the store lately?  There is olive oil, coconut oil, walnut oil, peanut ...

Let’s Veg Out – Our Virtual Tour of the Produce Section

POSTED: April 27, 2021
How much time do you spend in the produce section of the grocery store?   If you are on a REAL food journey, you will likely (AND SHOULD!) spend well over half your time and money here. ...

Gr-r-reat Grocery Store Tour: The Breakfast Aisle

POSTED: April 6, 2021
Thanks to your generous response and feedback, we are continuing our virtual grocery store tours! Just in case you missed our first one on nuts and nut butters, you can check it out here. This ...

Grocery Shopping is Nuts!

POSTED: March 2, 2021
Do you have a love or hate relationship with grocery shopping?   Did we really just ask that question?! Most people will probably tell you they DREAD grocery shopping!  For some, it is the ...