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Ditch the Packet with This 4-Ingredient REAL Hot Chocolate!

POSTED: December 12, 2023
The holidays are here and winter is right around the corner... have you started craving a warm cozy cup of hot cocoa? Whether it was your own childhood or a special treat for your kids, how many ...

You’ve Gotta Try this Satisfying Sweet Treat!

POSTED: February 7, 2023
One thing we have learned on our REAL food journey is...   it helps to have bite-size sweet treats easily and readily available.     And, of course, we have also learned that ...

Chocolate Lovers Rejoice!

POSTED: February 8, 2022
February gives us all kinds of reasons to celebrate the health benefits of chocolate! Of course, Valentine's Day is just a few days away.  Plus, February is also American Heart Month and National ...

Is there a difference between cocoa and cacao?

POSTED: November 3, 2020
Are cocoa and cacao the same thing?   And should you believe those headlines about losing weight by eating chocolate? So, what's the deal?  We want to help you sort through the confusion. ...

How to Enjoy Healthy Ice Cream All Summer Long

POSTED: June 30, 2019
Confession time! A couple of years ago, I tried “nice cream” (also known as banana ice cream) and I wasn’t crazy about it.  But, as Zonya and I were recently discussing coaching tip ideas, I knew ...

Health by Chocolate

POSTED: December 15, 2015
"Dieting?  Don't Forget the Chocolate!"   "Excellent News! Chocolate Can Help You Lose Weight!"   "Dark Chocolate May Guard Against Stroke."     So, is it true? Is chocolate ...