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Keep It REAL Coaching Tips

What Does That Mean?

POSTED: December 17, 2013
What really is the difference between chopped, diced, and minced?  And, how much is a "dash"?  Where is the cooking terminology instruction manual?! Some “fancy” cooking terms can sound ...

Dear Santa…THESE gifts I can use!

POSTED: December 3, 2013
Most of us probably just want simple things for Christmas.  You know, the relatives all getting along, no pets or kids knocking down the Christmas tree, and finding the perfect gifts for ...

Kids Are a Hard Sell

POSTED: November 19, 2013
We have all seen and heard the reports that diets high in processed foods affect the health of our kids during their childhood and teenage years, with ongoing effects into adulthood.  In our ...

The whiter the bread, the sooner you’ll be dead.

POSTED: November 11, 2013
This is a quote from Michael Pollan’s book, “Food Rules.”  He is making the point that, as far as our bodies are concerned, white flour is not much different than sugar.  So our grandmothers, who ...

Extreme Home Makeover: Pantry Edition

POSTED: October 21, 2013
The kitchen pantry.  It's the go-to for food and all those essential cooking ingredients.  I am sure we have all come across that ingredient that hasn't been used in months, OK, maybe years, and ...

Why you don’t want aunts in the pantry

POSTED: October 14, 2013
Have you ever heard of "food imposters?"  They are substances pretending to be food -- and there are many food imposters out there. One of the most blatant offenders is pancake/waffle syrup.  ...

It’s all about the Ingredients

POSTED: October 7, 2013
There was a time when we remember always looking at the calorie content of food.  Then we were told to also worry about the fat, and not just the fat, the saturated fat because that was the kind ...

What is REAL food?

POSTED: September 11, 2013
Natural.  Grows from the ground.  Grows from a tree.  Grazes on the prairie or swims in the ocean.  Not made in a factory.  Anything that once had a mother.  Basically, REAL food is food that is ...