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Tag Archives: Brussels sprouts

The Sides Can Steal the Show!

Have you started your Thanksgiving menu planning?   If so, have you given any thought to how colorful your holiday table will be this year?   Last week during a cooking demo I was demonstrating one of our all-time favorite holiday recipes, the Christmas Quinoa Salad, which is loaded with a variety of excellent colors, […]

Discovering Something New Every Day!

Do you know what inspires us the most? Our Eat REAL America members…YOU! We learn so much from your insights, feedback and engagement! Within the past few weeks, we discovered something new thanks to Bev, one of our favorite Eat REAL America members.  We were looking through the recent comments on the website and saw […]

October Superfood of the Month: Brussels Sprouts

When you hear the October Superfood is Brussels sprouts…   what is your reaction? Are you excited, or are you thinking “ugh, I DO NOT like Brussels sprouts!”? A few years ago, a survey found that Brussels sprouts were the most hated vegetable in America!   Why do so many people despise this cabbage-like veggie? For some, […]