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Tag Archives: habits

Consistency is Key!

With 2024 just a few days away, and everyone anxiously awaiting the announcement of their “New Year’s Resolutions,” we’d like to FIRST encourage you to take a moment and reflect on your accomplishments from this past year — and count every single one of them! For instance, maybe you:   Started roasting vegetables multiple times […]

How Are You Training Your Muscles?

Do you ever have things happen that leave you thinking…   “was that a coincidence?!”   This happens to us quite often, especially if we are paying attention! Over the past couple of weeks, we have been talking about writing a coaching tip on how muscle memory relates to healthy eating.  Then, after a recent […]

Let’s Talk Health AND Wealth!

Have you ever thought about how the same concepts that help you achieve good health can also help you achieve financial well-being?   Our daughter graduates from college this December and will soon be fully immersed in all kinds of REAL world financial decisions.  (She will be off the payroll!)  And our son, who is […]