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Tag Archives: cucumber

Do This to Stay Healthy All Summer Long!

Welcome to the “dog days of summer!” While there is no official definition, the “dog days of summer” are considered to be July and August, when the heat and humidity are at their peak! Here in the Midwest, we have already had several days of scorching temperatures and thick humidity, and we know there’s more […]

Cool as a Cucumber!

What is the first thing that comes to mind when you see a cucumber?   Maybe one of the following?   “Maybe I should buy some to make┬áhomemade pickles.” “They are OK, kind of boring, I mean, you can’t do much with them except eat them raw, right?!” “That reminds me, I need to schedule […]

Spiralizer…Two Thumbs Up!

Are you a spiralizer fan?   If so, have you ventured beyond zucchini? Since we will soon be surrounded by amazing late spring and summer produce, we wanted to revisit one of our favorite kitchen gadgets… …the “spiralizer” Years ago, when we first heard of the spiralizer, we initially dismissed it as just another fad […]