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Tag Archives: travel

Road Trip Season is Here!

With Memorial Day weekend just a few days away, that means “hello summer!” As many of us will be gearing up for summer travels, we want to provide some inspiration to help you enjoy delicious and healthy meals and “Keep it REAL” on the road.  Because eating on the road is NOT the time to settle […]

Living it UP in the UP!

We recently took a trip to the Upper Peninsula (the “UP”) of Michigan, where we learned what it meant to be a Yooper! This is what residents of the UP call themselves (derived from “UP-ers”).  So, I guess you could say we were recently “Yooper-Wanna-Bees.”     You may remember our trip to Montana last […]

Fruit floating down the river?!

What do Mofongo, star fruit, red snapper, cherries and tiny mangoes all have in common? These are just some of the local and delicious foods we experienced during our trip to Puerto Rico last week! We wanted to share some tidbits from our trip, especially how to enjoy the best of REAL food on the […]

Expanding Our REAL Food on the Road Travel Series

How do you find the best REAL food restaurants when you are on the road? You may remember our coaching tip from February where we shared how we selected restaurants to visit in our trip to Fayetteville, Arkansas, along with our reviews of those restaurants. In that coaching tip, we also mentioned one of our […]