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Share Your Brilliance with Us!

To our amazing Eat REAL America community…


we need your input!  

We all have t-shirts that are our favorites for a variety of reasons. 

Maybe it commemorates a Super Bowl championship or it allows us to support a charitable event or the college we graduated from.  Maybe it is our favorite because we are passionate about the message it shares.  


A few years ago, we designed and printed some EAT REAL t-shirts.  We have placed orders for additional shirts a couple of times since then.  We are now running low and it is time to reorder, but before we do, we would love to get your insight!

We have never really marketed these shirts and we do not want t-shirts to be a distraction from our mission of helping people discover and enjoy all the benefits of REAL food.  Instead, we have used them to:

  • wear for events and cooking demos
  • donate to charitable organizations and events 
  • gift to some of our amazing supporters 
  • make available to wellness programs as incentives for their employees and participants


So, what is behind the design of the current "EAT REAL" shirt?

We know we live in a world where there are so many confusing messages about how to be healthy. 

Conflicting messages about what you should and should not eat, and which diet is best — it is enough to make your head spin and say “I give up!” 

Along our REAL food journey, we discovered and continue to believe there is one very simple message…EAT REAL FOOD.

And, for that reason the front of our shirt has that one simple message, and actually even simpler…EAT REAL.



And the back?

The back of the shirt has the message “Get Out of the Box!” because that is what we literally had to do. 

We had to get out of the routine of eating boxes of highly processed foods and focus on REAL ingredients and REAL food.  Of course, not all foods that come in a box are bad (whole grains and dried fruits are examples of boxed foods that are part of a REAL food lifestyle).  But let’s face it, many boxed foods found at the store are just edible food-like substances, but are NOT REAL food.

We also want a message that is positive and inspiring - which is why we steered away from something like, “Don’t Eat Crap!”


We would love your input!


  • What do you think of the current Eat REAL America shirts?


  • What ideas do you have to improve them?


  • What else should we consider doing with these shirts to help create awareness and spread the message that eating healthfully really can be as simple as EAT REAL FOOD?



Feel free to share your suggestions here, or send me an e-mail at

We sincerely value our entire Eat REAL America community, and welcome and appreciate all of your input and ideas! 






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11 Responses to Share Your Brilliance with Us!

  1. New idea for front: Get fresh.

    New idea for back: Shop the perimeter. (as in the perimeter of the grocery store) and words are written in a square to show the perimter of a store

    Eating healthy doesn’t mean just green…any other colors such as blue or red for a t-shirt??

    I’d like to wear one at work to make people more aware this is available online and it’s very informative and helpful!

    Kristin Cohen

  2. I love the shirts and think they look great. What about a social media push and offer a giveaway for those sharing their feedback on recipe or way they started eating real?

  3. I like the message on the front. ‘ not sure many people would “get” “Get out of the Box”. But that’s just my opinion. I think just the website & logo on the back would be perfect.
    I’d love to see a V-neck tee available. I do hope to buy or win one…whatever the style or print. I love Eat Real and use the cookbook or website daily.

  4. I’m all about the call to action. Sell the benefit and tell people what want them to do, as briefly as possible. Something uplifting about good health and ‘join us to learn how’ or ‘learn how easy it can be at’ or ‘get inspired at’

  5. Hi,
    I prefer a T-shirt where the message isn’t shouted out. I would like to see the Eat Real name and logo (nice fork and plant) on the front left of the T-shirt and nothing on the back. Sometimes being more subtle attracts more interest than loud (in print) words. I like the softer, more washed colors (denim blue, olive green) than super bright colors.

  6. Thanks for the opportunity. I think the front is just right and would also like to see a V-neck (not a deep one). I think the green and the orange are perfect for the message and sure, red is ok too. I think “softer colors” such as olive or sage green, and something similar in orange would look pretty cool. Like a previous post, I was wondering if “Shop the Perimeter” might make the message clear…you could add images of a fish, veggies, a good steak 🙂 Lastly, be good to yourselves and make sure that website address is large enough to read – the “tag line” and web address would stand out if a they each used a unique font, i.e., “Shop the Perimeter” could be in the same font as “Get Fresh, Get Local, Get Real.” Take care and know that Eat Real is much appreciated!

  7. I love the green and the suggestion of olive or sage green…..
    I agree a V neck would be really nice don’t care for high necklines anymore
    I like the ‘Shop the Perimeter’ to keep those looking at the shirt thinking about what they are shopping for and the fresh, local and real in some fashion is a great idea

  8. Real food, real spices…real HEALTH!
    With the website. I like the get out of the box but agree not all will get it.

    Whatever you do it will be awesome because you care about the message.

    Stay safe and healthy.

    Also like women cut, vneck but wear the green one I have when I teach! Thanks for all you do,

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