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Help Us Donate $2,500!

Ready?  Set?  Go!

You all have been so generous this year with your stories, support and encouragement, we want to pass this generosity on to some of your favorite organizations!

For the first 25 people who provide a recommendation in the comments below, we will donate $100 to YOUR recommended organization!


What's the catch?


There is none!


Based on your recommendations, we will give away $2,500!


The only requirements are:

  • It needs to be a 501(c)(3) charitable organization.
  • It should be an organization that is doing something to encourage healthy eating!


So, act fast!

Please provide your recommendation in the comments section below:

  • If you know the EIN # (employer identification number), that would be helpful (you can quickly find it using the GuideStar search engine).  If you don't have it (or don't have time to look it up), feel free to go ahead and reserve your spot, and then you can come back and update it with the EIN.
  • If you want us to mention your name in the gift, please let us know.
  • If you want the gift to be in memory or in honor of someone, please include this info in your comment.


Why are we doing this?

Your stories continue to inspire us and we want to give back and help you support charitable organizations that are advancing the mission of healthy and delicious food.  You are probably involved with organizations in your community who are doing great things to help people eat healthfully and we want to honor you by helping to support those organizations.

While $100 isn't life-changing, we all know that these organizations welcome any and all support and, if this is successful, maybe we will consider increasing the amount in the future.


Together we can make a difference!


Thank you so much for all you do and for helping advance the mission throughout all of our local communities to...

keep it simple and EAT REAL!



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20 Responses to Help Us Donate $2,500!

  1. I would like to nominate Covenant House, which is an organization that takes in young people who have no where else to go. They provide food, shelter, etc.

  2. I would like to nominate Housing Resources Inc., 420 E. Alcott. Kalamazoo.
    HRI provides solutions to homelessness and has a 35 year track record of helping families move to or retain permanent housing. They have an emergency house where they provide food and shelter to families in need.
    ein# 38-2474879

  3. I am nominating Housing Resources Inc. 420 E Alcott., Kalamazoo, MI
    EIN # 38-2474879
    Housing Resources Inc. provides solutions to homelessness and has a 35 year record of helping families move to or retain permanent housing. They hold an annual walk to end homelessness each year in Kalamazoo.

  4. Five years on, I still wonder if directly soliciting financial assistance will ever feel comfortable. Such discomfort is likely a show of my own prideful weakness. Swallow that pride I shall. In multiple ways your generosity and friendship has blessed us and we are so very grateful for the gifts you share… for the obvious reasons of funding our needs, but even more so by the way your gifts represent an ongoing confidence you have in us and in our ministry. Please consider contributing to:
    Kid Power Cares, Inc.
    2317 N. Cardinal Drive
    Wichita, KS 67204
    EIN 45-2673368
    (a direct check cuts out fees)
    Merry Christmas!!!

  5. Krista, this is an amazing offer – thank you for doing something so meaningful!

    I suggest (05-0559626). I receive a daily email from Dr. Greger and team, and use the website’s resources frequently for my work and for personal implementation of healthy nutrition.

  6. What an awesome gift from Eat Real America. Thank you! There are so many good organizations out there doing amazing work in this community. I am glad to see Kid Power, the YMCA, the Health & Wellness Coalition, and ICT Food Rescue nominated. I would like to add Children First (48-1235279) a local non-profit organization that exists to help kids succeed in school. They are based in St. Pat’s Catholic Church, have an amazing community garden and are a great collaboration partner. Thank you, Shelley Rich,, 776-8177.

  7. I would like to nominate Kids Food Basket in Grand Rapids 04-3760991. They are an organization that provides meals for school children to take home. They recently acquired farmland where children can help plant gardens and harvest food to support the program.

  8. Thank you for this generous offer to help various organizations! I am listing 3 potential options below for your consideration.

    Street Angels Inc. – EIN: 81-2677198
    They provide food, clothing, and other essential items to the homeless.

    Hunger Task Force – EIN: 39-1345847
    Large food bank distributor that helps supply various community food needs.

    Food for the Poor – EIN: 59-2174510
    Provides international food relief and programs to help families with food sustainability (raising chickens for eggs, etc.)

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