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Consistency is Key!

ConsistencyWith 2016 just a few days away, and everyone chomping at the bit to announce their “New Year’s Resolutions,” we’d like to FIRST encourage you to take a moment and reflect on some of the accomplishments you’ve made this past year -- and count every single one of them!

For instance, maybe you:

√  Learned that roasting vegetables can change your life!

√  Mastered making some truly great-tasting recipes with quinoa or other whole grains!

√  Became an expert at turning veggies into noodles!

√  Banished processed foods from your breakfast routine (perhaps with mug o' eggs or overnight oatmeal)!

√  Turned into a “homemade salad dressing making” machine!

√  Served sweet potatoes more than just on Thanksgiving and realized they are absolutely delicious!

√  Or, maybe you added more REAL FOOD recipes to your routine in 2015 than you have in the previous 10 years combined?

We truly hope at least some of these (or similar accomplishments) made your 2015 reflections list…and if not yet, what if they become your goals for 2016?!  Because each of these seemingly insignificant “EAT REAL” habits have truly life-changing effects…not just for you, but your entire family.  Kicking processed foods to the curb and embracing REAL foods rewards your entire family by reducing the risk of heart disease, diabetes, and yes, even cancer!  So go ahead, and pat yourself on the back because you are a life-saving superstar!

Why are we always encouraging you to try new ways to buy and prepare REAL foods?

Because simply taking action is truly a start to lasting health!  What brings it all home?  In one word...CONSISTENCY.  What?!  Are we talking about the proper texture of mashed potatoes or scrambled eggs?  Not THAT consistency!  We mean, making REAL FOOD a CONSISTENT part of your life.

Yes it’s true...

“Consistency is Better Than Rare Moments of Greatness.”


“Success isn’t always about ‘Greatness’, it’s about consistency.  Consistent, hard work gains success.  Greatness will come…success isn’t overnight.  It’s when everyday you get a little better than the day before.  It all adds up.”    -Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson


There is no substitute for consistency!


Here are a couple of spectacular life-changing stories....


A Family Affair:

We were listening to a couple just this week who had begun eating REAL FOOD at the beginning of 2015, and as a result, lost over 100 pounds between the two of them!  Saturday is their “meal planning day” and Sunday afternoon is their “date night” at the grocery store, followed by “food prep” when they get home.  “Our fridge looks like a tupperware party,” they laughed.  And did they do this just a couple times last year?  No, what made the 100-pound difference was they became CONSISTENT and built this into a solid habit!  It has become second-nature for them!

Veggie/Fruit of the Month:

We also heard from a young mom in Ohio who shared her story of teaching her children to like new vegetables and fruits.  Each month, as a family, they would pick a new vegetable (or fruit) to try 8 times within the month (that’s twice each week).  They would together search out different recipes and preparations, and each time they served it, they would all rate how much they liked it.  They picked “new to them” foods like avocados, parsnips, sweet potatoes, squash, radishes, pomegranate, mango, kohlrabi, Brussels sprouts, okra, cranberries and rhubarb.  “The kids totally get into it!” she said.  “One preparation method they might not like, while the next one they would totally love!”  And by having it over and over, their taste buds warmed up to it more and more.  At the end of each month, they would vote “keeper or sleeper.”  “Keeper” means mom can buy it and serve at any time and “sleeper” means “let it sleep for now…we can try again in the future.”

What a great example of how CONSISTENCY led to incorporating new vegetables and fruits into their routine…and much healthier habits after 12 months of this CONSISTENT behavior!

You don’t have to have small kids to see the brilliance in an idea like this one!  We love this idea so much we’d like to help you do exactly what this young mom did, even if you are the only one at home!  Each month, one of our coaching tips will announce the “superstar” REAL food for the month, with links to a variety of different ideas on how to enjoy them.  Will you take the “SUPER REAL Food” challenge with us?  If so, January’s superfood is...kale!  Look for next week’s coaching tip focused on kale, including some great ideas on how to prepare it!

What if you took on the word “CONSISTENCY” as your “mantra” for 2016?

We are here to help you bring REAL food to a whole new level of “CONSISTENCY” in your life, helping you achieve some truly amazing results!  We want to help you realize all the benefits of REAL food because, it's absolutely true, REAL food can change your life!

If you are thinking about ideas for New Year’s resolutions, check out these coaching tips to help inspire you!  And, for even more inspiration, check out the documentary "In Defense of Food," airing from 9pm to 11pm EST on Wednesday, December 30th, on PBS stations.

What is Your One Thing?  (hint: choose one thing to change and be CONSISTENT!)
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Happy New Year!

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