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Have you looked at the headlines recently?

What ifWe all get bombarded with news feeds, and interesting stories can sometimes be overlooked.

We have been monitoring recent food-related headlines and wanted to share some of these with you…some of them may be surprising!




“The Changing Face of the Supermarket… Produce Sections Have Doubled in Size While Cereal and Boxed Foods Aisles are Shrinking”

“New Studies Report that Quality Family Meals are at an All-Time High”

“Farmers Have Risen to the Challenge to Keep Up with Dramatic Increases in Demand for Local Produce, Meats & Other Foods”

“Have you Noticed a Change in the Air on Sundays?  REAL Food Sundays Catching On Across the U.S. with Amazing Meals Being Prepared at Family Gatherings”

“Rates of Disease Showing a Surprising Decline…Are Changing Dietary Habits to Blame?”

“Kids Cooking Classes are the New Rage”

“Pharmaceutical Companies Struggle with Significant Decreases in Earnings as Consumers Eliminate Need for Medication in Record Numbers”

“How Food Has Become the New Best Medicine”

“Where Did All the Kids Meals Go?  Kids Meals Have Vanished as Demand Has Shifted to Smaller Portions of Healthier Adult Menu Items”

“Homeowners Associations Facing Demands to Rewrite Covenants to Allow Chicken Coops for Backyard Feathery Friends”

“Kid Power, the Movie, Sets Box Office Records…How Kid Power Became American’s #1 Superhero” {This one is for you Bruce!}

“Breaking Down Paradigms: How Farmers Markets at McDonald’s Came to Be”

“Calm Winds and Moderate Temperatures Invigorate Wichita’s Outdoor Dining Scene”


Can you believe these headlines?  Of course not (that last one was a sure giveaway)…it’s April Fool’s Day!

Happy April Fools DayWe can always hope that someday these will be REAL headlines and this kind of progress is a reality!  Working together, we can make it happen!

Please encourage others to join the Get REAL Wichita community and Happy April Fool’s Day!

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