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The Eat REAL America Story

Are you…

…stuck in a mealtime rut?

…wanting to eat healthier, but need ideas, motivation and support?

…struggling with your weight or other health related issues?

…feeling helpless because of picky eaters?

You have come to the right place!  Eat REAL America members receive meal ideas, nutrition advice, hundreds of recipes, a time-saving customizable shopping list, “how-to” instructional videos, and much more…all focused on REAL food!

Get to know Krista & Zonya


Meet Krista Sanderson, REAL Food Champion, Wife and Mom
Meet Zonya Foco, America's Nutrition Leader, Wife and Mom

Together, we provide a unique combination of REAL food knowledge and nutrition experience, which you can't find anywhere else!  We both share a passion for REAL food and want to help make CRAZY GOOD healthy food a part of your everyday lifestyle!

We know the challenges families face.  With our crazy busy schedules, we know easy and convenient are important!  Every Eat REAL America meal idea has been prepared, adjusted and taste-tested (even by our kids!)…and every recipe must meet these requirements:  easy-to-prepare, taste amazing, affordable, REAL food ingredients and good for you!

The recipe photos you see are also real… no photo editing… so the meals you make at home can look just like the ones you see on the website!


What Our Members Say


“Your recipes rock and I love not having to think about what to make for dinner, especially when life is hectic.  Plus, the added bonus of having healthful recipes is wonderful!”


“I love Eat REAL America!   You can make healthy, fast, delicious recipes without being a chef or having 2 hours to prepare a meal!”


“Our life has gotten so busy, I don't have time to hunt for healthy, whole food recipes.  I can't tell you what a relief it is to have one central place to go — you and this site are a blessing to our family!”


“I am so pleased to find recipes that are tasty and interesting. I applaud you for being able to combine healthy eating with taste that keeps us wanting more!”


"Both your weekly coaching and menu ideas keep me fired up to 'keep it real'!"

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Get Started Today!

Get started tonight and amaze your family with a delicious meal that no one will believe is healthy!  It’s healthy because it’s REAL food!  Please join us as we work together to keep it simple and EAT REAL!