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Keep It REAL Coaching Tips

How to Enjoy Holiday Treats Without Going Overboard

POSTED: December 5, 2017
Tis’ the season!  The season with a love/hate relationship for many of us. We love the decorations, the parties, the time with family and friends, the festive music and, of course, the sweet ...

Superfood of the Month: Which Flour Is Best?

POSTED: November 28, 2017
What is the difference between white flour and whole-wheat flour?   Is whole-wheat flour really healthier?   What about gluten-free flours?   It doesn't take much to notice we live ...

Thanksgiving Every Day?

POSTED: November 21, 2017
We all know the nutritional and health benefits of REAL food...   ...but what if the benefits are much bigger than that?   Perhaps there are also significant social and family benefits ...

Time for a Paradigm Shift?

POSTED: November 14, 2017
Thanksgiving is right around the corner!  Are you ready?   What will be on your Thanksgiving menu this year?   Of course, turkey is a staple in most homes and there are many favorite ...

Read This Before You Open Your Next Can of Soup!

POSTED: November 7, 2017
Especially this time of year, we get the question "what do you think of canned it ok to use recipes that include canned soups like cream of mushroom?” Our best response is "well, we ...

November Superfood of the Month: Parsnips

POSTED: October 31, 2017
“I am not a carrot!”   Yes, a parsnip may look like a carrot, and they are often confused with carrots, but they want you to know they are NOT carrots! However, they ARE now in-season and ...

Helping You Cope With the Start of Sweet Treat Season

POSTED: October 24, 2017
If you are anything like us, one of the biggest challenges with eating healthfully is... ...managing the sweet treats! Especially if you have kids or grandkids, they seem to creep in from every ...

How Well Do You Know Ginger?

POSTED: October 17, 2017
Not that Ginger! Is fresh ginger a staple in your house, or do you automatically go for ground ginger because you are unsure how to use that funky-looking “knob?” There is absolutely nothing ...

Impress Your Guests With These Tailgating Tips

POSTED: October 10, 2017
Now that October has arrived, autumn is in full swing.  This, of course, means fall festivals, family trips to the pumpkin patch, fall-inspired craft beers and, of course... and ...

October Superfood of the Month: Leeks

POSTED: October 3, 2017
We use them routinely now, but there was a time when we had NO idea what leeks were! I have to admit...I used to think leeks were something slimy that came in a jar…I couldn't have been more ...