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Keep It REAL Coaching Tips

How Well Do You Know Ginger?

POSTED: October 17, 2017
Not that Ginger! Is fresh ginger a staple in your house, or do you automatically go for ground ginger because you are unsure how to use that funky-looking “knob?” There is absolutely nothing ...

Impress Your Guests With These Tailgating Tips

POSTED: October 10, 2017
Now that October has arrived, autumn is in full swing.  This, of course, means fall festivals, family trips to the pumpkin patch, fall-inspired craft beers and, of course... and ...

October Superfood of the Month: Leeks

POSTED: October 3, 2017
We use them routinely now, but there was a time when we had NO idea what leeks were! I have to admit...I used to think leeks were something slimy that came in a jar…I couldn't have been more ...

Use This Strategy When You Find Yourself Asking ‘What’s for Dinner?’

POSTED: September 26, 2017
"What's for dinner?" We all know a little planning is involved to best answer this question, especially if you are cooking with fresh ingredients and eating at home (which we hope you are!). But ...

How to Get the ‘Processed’ Out of Your Sausage

POSTED: September 19, 2017
Did last week's coaching tip stress you out? Did it make you think about all the processed meats that are part of your weekly routine...and how they are causing havoc inside your body? Did you ...

Does Lunchmeat Really Cause Cancer?

POSTED: September 12, 2017
If you haven't heard the news... ...The World Health Organization has now declared processed meats: “carcinogenic to humans.”     Really?!   And, what exactly is a processed meat? ...

Do This 180 Times and Still Maintain Your Sanity

POSTED: September 5, 2017
If you have kids, are you beginning to settle back into the school routine? If so, that means you may be dealing with the ongoing dilemma of what to do for school lunches.  If you’re like us, you ...

September Superfood of the Month: Cauliflower

POSTED: August 29, 2017
Some may think of it as a "boring" vegetable. It's extremely common, colorless, and seems to go hand-in-hand with broccoli.  It's often served plain or boiled…or maybe you think the only way you ...

Frozen in Time

POSTED: August 22, 2017
One of the best pleasures of summer?   Fresh, flavorful fruits and vegetables!   If you eat in-season (which we highly recommend!), then you most likely love this incredible summer ...

Got Milk?

POSTED: August 15, 2017
Milk…it does a body good, right?! Or does it? A lot of controversy has arisen regarding cow’s milk and our health.  What exactly are these health concerns?  Are plant milks better and, if so, ...